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The Child Choking Poster by Bruce Algra (years 1-8), updated for 2013, shows and explains how to help a child who is choking in a step by step easy to follow process.
Algra's Infant CPR Poster, updated in 2013, shows and explains in great detail how to perform infant CPR in a step by step- easy to follow 6 step processes.
Get the latest news and up-to-date tips in oral care from Somerset Dental's dentistry team.
Teaching your child a good dental hygiene routine will set them up for healthy long term oral health. However teaching a busy child to slow down, brush their teeth for 2 minutes and to floss can certainly be a challenge. Your baby’s first teeth usually appear by the time they are six months old and continue to come through until they have a full set of 20 baby teeth. Fluoride is important for your child’s teeth and toothpaste should be introduced around the age of two. Until your child can properly brush their own teeth, you should brush their teeth for them to assist with proper dental care.

Your child should brush their teeth for at least two minutes twice a day, however in the rush to get out the door for pre-school or school, this can sometimes be rushed.
Once your child’s teeth start touching each other, it’ time to introduce flossing as the tiny gaps between teeth can’t be reached by brushing alone, and the food build up is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that leads to cavities and decay. Proper dental care begins young and the habits that are formed can prevent dental complications and orthodontic treatments for older children. The top of the poster shows the 3 critical steps to take when the child is choking and conscious. This first aide poster displays colorful illustrations and specific information showing the necessary positions and steps to perform infant CPR effectively and safely. Try using a favourite song to brush to or there are a range of free iPhone apps which ensure children enjoy brushing their teeth for 2 to 3 minutes.
To introduce flossing, gently slide the floss between your child’s teeth and work it up and down, against the surfaces of each tooth.
The team at Somerset Dental are here to help you teach your children proper dental hygiene.

The bottom of the poster shows what to do if the child becomes unconscious (or is unconscious already). Use a soft clean cloth to clean first teeth before introducing a training toothbrush that is fun and easy for your baby to hold and use.
There are ranges of alternative mint free flavoured toothpaste that still gives your child the fluoride they need.
Don’t work it against the gums too hard as you don’t want to hurt sensitive gums or create any negative experience around flossing.
This is an important life saving reference for restaurants, schools, child care facilities, business, or any place children are present.

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