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Child Labor still prevails in most of the developing countries and could well be called as a sin to keep those innocent children away from education, depriving of their childhood.
In this post of ours, We have handpicked some of the most haunting photo stories ever made on Child labor.
Documenting the child labor could not be much powerful than the work of Lewis Hine, a master photographer himself.
Most Recognized photographer from Bangladesh, GMB Akash had worked on massive social documentary projects over the years.
A Painful Project underlining all the reasons and root causes of Child labor in Afghanistan. The Gold mines in Philippines may rank 18th in world production, but through these photographs he cuts sharp through the child labor in his country. It is a wonderful thing to be a parent and pass on the best parts of our lives to our children. I’m a 33 year-old single mother of one child, Patrick, who turned five just last month. God has a particular soft-spot for children and watches over all the kids in the world throughout the year.
A few short weeks ago, he accompanied me to the local shopping centre for our weekly grocery trek. By now I’d totally given up trying to control my emotions, and the tears trickled down my face like a veritable bloody waterfall!
If we, as adults, brush aside their incessant questions with unintelligent answers or worse still, no answers at all, they are denied the opportunity to develop a deeper sense of themselves, and the world around them.
Many of us are too preoccupied, and too busy, to deal with the constant questions of our children, and they are subsequently swatted away like so many bothersome flies. We will never have so much power over the minds of our children as we do in those first few years, so why aren’t more of us using this power to its best advantage?
This is not a professional money-making setup and all costs are paid for by the Talewagger, who is retired and lives in Kent, England. REFUGEE women who have given birth at the Idomeni border camp in Greece hold grave concerns for the future of their newborn babies. THE family of an Australian climber are desperately trying to recover her body, which remains at the 8000-metre mark on Mount Everest.
TWO Turkish Airlines pilots have bizarrely claimed they saw a UFO with green lights flying over their plane just before the doomed EgyptAir jet crashed. ISLAMIC State militants have launched horrific, co-ordinated attacks on two normally quiet government strongholds in Syria, killing dozens. AUSTRALIAN Federal Police have not rushed to increase security at airports in the wake of the EgyptAir crash, but have warned travellers to be alert.
A WOMAN allegedly tricked her husband for seven months with a pretend pregnancy before mutilating his dog to fake a miscarriage. THE serial killer who sent exploding letters to universities and airlines has spoken out and said he is not mentally ill.
THEY are the tragic faces of child marriage; expected to cook, clean, engage in sexual activity and perform any other duty their husbands want. Here are their stories in their own words as translated by Yasmin Gull, regional manager, Khwendo Kor, Bannu, Pakistan, and transcribed via Amnesty Australia's Sarah Saleh.
Yemini girl Nada Al-Ahdals declared she wasna€™t for sale after her parents attempted to force her into marrying an older man for money.

Yemen child bride Tahani (in pink) married her husband Majed when she was six and he was 25. Ms Gull said daughters were seen as a mere business transaction, particularly in provinces where poverty is so common."When families get a daughter, they are very happy as it is an economic advantage - they sell the girls for money to find some relief to their poverty. Australians concerned about child marriage can help by supporting organisations on the ground that work to address wider economic and social issues, such as child marriage.
I hope Amnesty raises this issue on the world stage and shames these countries into protecting the children.
It has always been my belief that I (or we as a country) should never interfere with the private affairs of an individual (or policies effecting a group of individuals) unless there is emanating threat of unjust danger. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. There will be numerous laws and legislations across the globe trying its hand in prohibiting and on the process of eradicating this but in vain. This is going to be painful but yes will definitely open up our eyes towards our society and would make us strive hard in protecting these young children in falling into traps of child labor. His work on Girls in Factory, Breaker Boys had gained him massive recognition and these photographs tell us the sad truth the country was exposed during the great depression. For him child labor is caused due to threats of hunger, illiteracy, displacement, exploitation, trafficking, physical and mental abuse. Photographer Chien Min Chung had captured some of the raw photographs depicting various states in which these children are being employed. Mio Cade has been such a photographer, some of the most powerful photographs raising its voice against child labor could well be documented by this gentleman. Carrying huge rocks for extraction, exposure to toxic chemicals and mining deep inside pits are definitely health hazardous and makes us feel for the lives of these young and innocent. Intense and delicate lives hanging in the raw brick kilns and much more turmoil awaits these kids, who hardly know to dream. Then, at the end of every year when it comes time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, God tells Santa which children have been kind of heart and good of soul, and Santa delivers special rewards to all of those in whom God is well proud.
It was midday when we arrived, so we went to a little cafe and bought hot chips for lunch, before heading into the supermarket. Nevertheless, it came so unexpectedly that tears pooled unbidden in my eyes, for the pride I felt towards him at that moment. I was still trying to compose myself, too afraid even to breathe lest it completely release the valves in my tear ducts. Paddy asked why I was crying, so then I had to try and explain the difference between happy and sad tears. The work that you put into answering properly will be miniscule compared to the rewards that will surely come sooner, rather than later. There is indeed potential for this world if we but take the time to talk to our kids, and I mean really talk to them, without being dismissive or patronizing. How intelligent are we really, if we can only think to use negative mind-control through intimidation, subordination, and fear, to modify their behaviour? Parents should be getting the consent of their daughters, not forcing them to, and certainly not until a reasonable age of consent is reached. This includes supporting organisations such as Khwendo Kor as well as other women's refuges including Dar-ul-Aman and projects by the United Nations Population Fund.
It explains that if you do not provide us with information we have requested from you, we may not be able to provide you with the goods and services you require.

These innocent souls are consumed by the greediness of the rich and ignorance of their own parents.
Although the issue of child labor has always been discussed, there is hardly any remarkable progress even in terms of mitigation. That’s why Santa lives at the North Pole, so he can have an uninterrupted direct line to Heaven whenever God needs to speak with him.
I had absolutely no response except to lovingly stroke the side of his face, while trying in vain to choke back my tears.
With that, he wrapped his little arms around my neck and told me not to cry; because he loved me.
The indescribable pride your children bestow upon you as a result of your efforts will be without equal.
Their minds are like little sponges that dote on our every word for at least the first five years of their lives, and these are indisputably the most impressionable years of their psychological development. If we truly wish our children to live in a world, free of the turmoil it currently endures, then the change must begin and end with them.
Within months he was inundated with stories and poems from other writers keen to have their writings read.
It also explains how you can access or seek correction of your personal information, how you can complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how we will deal with a complaint of that nature. Most importantly Poverty and lack of schools are considered to be the prime reason for poor parents to dump their children into factories and industries as poor labor. I thought that perhaps this context would instil real Christmas spirit into my son’s heart without taking any fun out of the myth for him, and it was a nice way of tying the two elements together, using simplicity that a child could easily grasp. An elderly lady was sitting at the table next to ours, and, when she heard what Patrick said, her jaw dropped; a positively flabbergasted expression on her face. We must go back to basics and teach our children, by example, the one fundamental rule for peace and harmony: treat all people as you would like them to treat you.
After deciding not to carry advertisements and concentrate on quality the monthly number of readers soared.
Both children died due to my extremely young age."No one could help me - everyone remained silent. It is a moment in time that my memory can always cherish, no matter how dark and ominous our journey appears in times of turmoil and uncertainty. As the oldest girl (we are a very poor, very large family of nine children), I was sold off."I was very innocent at the time, they pressured me into it so I accepted. But I was also very afraid because I did not know anything and definitely did not know the meaning of marriage."I have been very unhappy in this marriage. I got no education like other young girls."It severely affected my health, and nobody attended to me. And he beat me up for trying to refuse."I escaped from my in-laws, I called my mother to come here and take me back home to my parents because here I was abused, hit and they treated me badly in every way.

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