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Five of Sheila's most popular stories to date: Hippo in the Pantry, The Tree that Cried, The Leafless Fairy, Monty the Monster and The Glass Snowman. Please note me if you have some ideas and feel able to do something good and funny together with me.
I just looking for Someone, who are in the same situlation: do project works for publishers, have experience, and want to start to publish own books.
I would have loved to write for you If I was old enough and I would know the feelings of other children cuz I am one at the moment but I’m growing! If you need a children book writer who can write a funny yet educated children all around the world even though they can not really read it, you could hire me. I am a Reading Specialist in an elementary school and have lots of exposure to children and their literature. I see you have a crocodile at the top of your page, did you know that in Africa the Crocodile is actually the Turnkey, while the Giraffe of course is the Judge and the Bush Pig the Police. The Concept You Shared Here Is Awesome, Yeah There In Children Stories, You Can Even Explore Your Own Child Realm.
I Write Spiritual Kinda Stuff and Love Stories, Have Not Written Much About Children Stories But Can Guess Can Ace In. The Site I Posted There, U Can Read Ma Stories Under The Pen Name Shani Ajmera & If You Feel Like I Can Touch Emotions.
I was intrigued when I came across your inquiry for a children’s book writer (entirely by accident). Hope you are well, I love writing, I love humour, I have a 5 yr old little girl who i write stories for. Looking to work in partnership with you to bring your animations to life through writing and stories. I agree as teaching children about mortal sins and eternal damnation in Hell, teaches children to act out of fear rather than to act out of hope, this generally leads to less productive people in my opinion.
Especially at the age that most children learn of their soul's supposed fate, it can be really disheartening to learn that not only are you going to hell, but that your parents (who you've probably seen take the Lord's name in vain at least 10 dozen times before kindergarten) relatives and friends are all going too.
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All proceeds will go to keeping the Atheist Republic website up and running; providing resources, advocacy, community tools and encouragement to atheists all over the world. Preschool Story time aims to introduce children to the world of books and reading with fun, interactive experiences in a safe environment.
Sessions can run from 30 to 45 minutes and may include stories, rhymes, songs, finger plays and a simple craft activity. Use on servers, imitation and duplication of any part of a system including: look, feel, methodology, functionality and software is strictly prohibited without written license to do so and pre payment of appropriate fees. No matter how young you are you'll enjoy this collection of short stories which are loved by both young children and the young at heart.
I’m sure children would love to uncover these fascinating facts about African animals, it will amuse them as well as educating them about the wildlife of Africa, if you are interested send me an email address and I will forward Animal Land to you. I Am Shani 28, Have Worked As A Blogger For Long and Currently Teaching English As A Second Language. I’m currently studying for an MA in Writing for Children at the University of Central Lancashire and have just taken part in an exciting collaborative publishing project called Letters to Africa. I am a children and young people worker so have done a lot of work around attachment and identity.
I believe that reading and writing are an essential part of one’s development into a good human being. The real fingers should be pointed at the video game industry, fast food and television reality shows. Many religious people do not respect God but rather choose to fear and teach fear of this imaginary entity.

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Come on this special journey and visit the lives of some loveable and enchanting characters that are part of every child's imagination, which many adults have long forgotten. Please admit, that as when You look for an illustrator for Your work You will hate some and love some, I’ll feel almost the same.
I truly believe I am going to look over much more you’ve writen around the subject matter. I’m from Romania and here we have very short chances to publish, so, I have a few stories written recently, if you are interested, just let me know!
I have also experienced firsthand how such things as stories with morals and pictures can alter attitudes and perceptions particularly in children who regularly use fiction to escape. The type of writing I will be doing for you would include small lessons for children as well as be humorous and fun to read. I work as a dental nurse and have written a fun and educational book for my child patients. Religion would come in a far last, it would still be there, but not as prevalent as the others. If they are right about this entity they better change their ways because in most versions this entity seems to demand respect not fear and those who treat others with disrespect do the same to God when they don't understand how God would in theory want them to act.
As you read each story, you'll see them come to life through the outstanding illustrations.
I am an experienced writer and woud be happy to send you some examples if you are interested.

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