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Today Autism is described as a range of developmental disabilities called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior. The materials in this web site are in no way intended to replace the professional medical care, advice, diagnosis or treatment of a doctor.
Researchers have figured out how to reverse the symptoms of autism in mice, simply by turning on a gene like a light switch.
Although the technique is a long way off being trialled in humans, the results provide hope that a similar approach could eliminate some of the most frustrating symptoms for people with autism, regardless of their age. The scientists engineered mice to be born without a gene called Shank3 – which is missing in 1 percent of autism patients. Scientists have spent decades trying to untangle the maze of genes that contribute to the group of neurodegenerative disorders known as autism, which has become around 10 times more common over the past 40 years.
When Feng and this team engineered mice without Shank3, they found that the brain cells of the mice didn’t grow properly, particularly in a region known as the striatum, which is involved in the brain’s reward system. These mice also showed characteristic behaviors found in autism spectrum disorders, such as anxiety, compulsive repetition of tasks, and social avoidance. Once the team switched this gene back on in mice aged between two and 4.5 months they saw some of those behaviors dramatically reverse – the mice started to interact with each other more, and showed less repetitive grooming. The scientists were able to switch the gene on simply by giving mice the breast cancer drug tamoxifen.
On a cellular level, the researchers saw that there was an increase in the number of dendritic spines – the little branches that neurons use to communicate with each other – in the striatum, suggesting the the gene switch had actually caused the brain to rewire itself.

Although some of the symptoms were eliminated in adult mice, they continued to struggle with anxiety and motor coordination problems.
The team is now trying to better understand when this is, in the hopes of figuring out how to reverse autism symptoms in a broader range of individuals, not only the 1 percent missing Shank3.
A lot of the genetic pathways involved in the development of autism are known to be similar, and it’s exciting to think that we may be able to use a similar approach to help people with autism manage their symptoms. You will need Adobe Reader (the latest version is recommended) installed on your computer in order to open and print an autism symptoms checklist. You may also find the following chart related to asperger syndrome behavior to be helpful for an older child that is communicating fairly well. Signs and Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome - Brain Balance Achievement Centers Find a Center 800-877-5500 Menu Understanding the Issues Why is My Child Struggling? These developmental disabilities generally interfere with social interaction, communication, and behavior. Suspecting that your child may have an autistic disorder is never fun, but the sooner you determine what's going on with your child the better their chances are of gaining necessary life skills.
They should be able to provide you with a good starting point for determining whether your child needs further evaluation, at which time you would want to take the form to your doctor.The first checklist gives a list of the characteristics for autism as indicated by the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria. This is similar to the first autism symptoms checklist that is provided and has been taken from the DSM-IV.
The symptoms of ASD can range from mild to severe but are a life-long neurobiological disorder which interferes in how the person perceives and interprets their world. If you suspect that your child may suffer from Autism or Asperger syndrome, you ought to immediately contact your doctor, no matter what test result you get.

However, it does appear that this diagnosis will be changing with the coming of the DSM-V and may have different terminology.
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In her private practice for over 20 years, she has specialized in depression and psychiatry. People with AS tend to have many of the social and sensory issues of those with more severe forms of autistic disorder but have average to above average IQs and vocabularies. They often have trouble picking up on subtle forms of communication like body language, humor, and sarcasm. At Brain Balance, we refer to this connectivity issue as Functional Disconnection Syndrome. After we complete a comprehensive assessment of your child’s brain and body function, our team integrates physical, sensory-motor, and cognitive exercises with simple dietary changes to correct the underlying connection issue and reduce or eliminate negative symptoms and behaviors.
Read Gavin’s Story Also, she had a significant speech delay and we could only understand about 25 percent of what she said. Melillo Listen for Success Stories Understanding the Issues Why is My Child Struggling?

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