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It is designed to fit securely around the toilet, giving toddlers confidence and security while going potty.
Standing can feel more natural, let them be just like daddy, and be just plain fun, especially if you add some target stickers inside the urinal. And since your child does not need to climb onto a step stool to reach these urinals, there can help him feel more stable and comfortable. It’s a simple, yet tall and wide, shield that protects the back and sides of your toilet from overspray.

However if you are early potty training a one-year-old, then this is perfect so they can easily reach the urinal.
These best urinals for potty training are easy to use, clean, and best of all – cheap! If you have a tall potty trainer, or a boy who is comfortable using a potty step stool, then this is your best option because you don’t have to dump out a cup of urine every time your boy uses the toilet. Once they are done, you flip the cup into the toilet without having to remove it to dump the contents.

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