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Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables, Fast, Fun & Easy with Dazzling Patterns, Grids and Tricks! This attractive TeaCHildMath Diploma, suitable for framing, is included FREE with every order.
During Fourth Grade, most children learn to round off numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000 or million. They are able to add columns of numbers together accurately, and subtract numbers proficiently. Children are able to multiply a range of whole numbers by one or two digits, and divide numbers by a single digit. They are able to solve multi-step problems involving whole numbers, fractions and decimals.
These worksheets build on and extend the multiplication learning that takes place in 3rd Grade. During 4th Grade, children use their knowledge of the multiplication table and place value to multiply numbers by 10s and 100s.
All the free 4th Grade Multiplication worksheets in this section follow the Elementary Math Benchmarks for Fourth Grade.

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For example, if the 3 times table is selected, it will test 3 x 7 and 7 x 3 for calculations to work out. All the free 4th Grade Math Worksheets in this section follow the Elementary Math Benchmarks. All the free 4th Grade Multiplication sheets in this section follow the Elementary Math Benchmarks for Fourth Grade. Using math games is a great way for children to learn their math facts in a fun and enjoyable way. We welcome any comments about our site or worksheets on the Facebook comments box at the bottom of every page.
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They will LOVE these printable math worksheets that incorporate multiplication, division and word problems with a fun super hero theme!

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