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While other young kids were having┬áPat the Bunny┬áread to them by their mothers, I was teaching my kids bad words. In my opinion there is no reason to use either word in describing a person, food, or activity. Now that my children are older, it is a harder battle with these two somewhat benign words. While I am losing the battle on the use of hate to describe broccoli and their sibling, we can now discuss the word on a different level. Reality is if there were less hate in this world, we’d have a lot less to worry about in the grand scheme of things. I am not sure, but I am confident we would live in a better society if this parenting philosophy was more prevalent in the home.

My children learned better choices exist to take the place of these two words at an early age. Discussions now revolve around people’s choice to hate based upon how someone looks, the color of their skin, their religion, gender, or who they choose to love. Growing up without developing hatred for others will lead to a happier life and they will both be better citizens of the world as a result. They understood mommy would correct them each time one was uttered, simply prodding them to re-phrase the sentence with something more appropriate. I just try to do all I can to make sure those people are no longer ever in my life, thus never having to use the word of have the feeling. My son had a fit that I was using a bad word and there was not excuse for it (was what I was told).

I guess I am telling you this because it is good to have these rules, but also recognize we will never be perfect. My hope is that he continues to listen and realize these words are not ok as he develops relationships outside of our home. I hope he calls others out on their misuse too, and creates an environment without those things present in his life.

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