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Blackfeet used flower, but to keep their cultural heritage, also included the triangular pattern. I did that play (Ready Steady go!) with my children's class yesterday evening and it worked really well. They absolutely loved it and I wished I'd taken my camera as, by the end of the lesson, they were all sitting in their pretend car with a fine array of ski hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, over-sized gloves, etc. Anyway, they've asked to do it again next week so a sure sign that they enjoyed themselves. Miranda Goodwin, FranceWe have had GREAT success at the theatre festival in Prague, the capital of the Czech republic, with some of your sketches.
It uses the fun approach I believe in through the theatre work I have done, and you have given me the confidence to know it can be applied to language learning for this age group.
Becky Good, Battambang, Cambodia"Whenever you have any more ideas be sure to let me know. Lisa Brownlow in Spain"I just wanted to let you know that the plays were a great success and I intend to keep having fun with them. Michele Hain, GermanyJust wanted to let you know how I went with my 1st play girls will be girls and boys will be boys!!!! Guise, I wonder if the new picture's new release!Brain training lives in, introduce free shipping ! The 1st class was a bit nervy and it did not help with the chinese teacher saying are you sure that they can do this????

I realize that people give the same presentation at multiple genres, but the overlap of audience at PCA and SCMLA, especially as PCA is in Texas this year, will be significant.
Therea€™s a mic, buta€”as happened oftena€”people dona€™t know how to use them effectively. I taught my sonsa€™ visual rhetoric as a representation, claim-support argument, all their lives. Which means that I have a philosophical and deep basis in the discussion on visual rhetoric.
And this is a very rewarding experience for us, teachers, to hear them speak, not just use the target vocabulary.
With very young children we seldom come across this problem as most kindergarten and preschool children are motivated by curiosity and the love of exploring new ideas. Watch an apathetic child in the classroom come alive on the playing fields and play his heart out for his team. That is where he feels he fits in, his talents are respected and he is part of the team.In a drama lesson all children are equally and actively involved, each role is essential for the successful performance of the play.
The first child turns to the right and makes a simple movement, the child on the right repeats the movement, then gives a new movement to the child on his right and so on until everyone has had a turn.This game can be played with sounds as well - start off by making them non-verbal.
As the children become more proficient at this game the movements and sounds can be accumulated, with each additional sound and movement eventually building the entire sequence into a form of dance. A verbal version of the game could combine the vocabulary you plan on using in a play with the movements.Singing is also an excellent way to practise language.

It should not only be age-appropriate but also appropriate for the language level of your students. While older and more capable students can be given copies of the play to read, this is generally not advisable for younger and less capable children. One can often perform the play at the school, during assembly, or for a special performance. If the prospective audience has limited English skills perhaps a translation of the play could be made available to them.
I was once asked for subtitles by a parent, which surprised me as the language in the play was so basic, however it is polite and helpful to acknowledge the audience in this way.Take a video of the play, if you can. Thanks for making us look good!Becky Good, Battambang, CambodiaWhenever you have any more ideas be sure to let me know.
You have a choice of USD, euros or pounds on the order page.Consider these 30 plays as a curriculum to keep you occupied for at least a year of teaching, supplemented with games and songs, or fit them in with your course book.

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