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Easy-to-use games for practicing multiplication, math facts, equivalent fractions, and more.
Online flashcards that provide limitless practice - ideal as a help in memorizing key arithmetic facts. Practice quizzes on addition, fractions, and rounding with feedback and prompts as well as additional questions if needed.
Most of the math resources on this site have been categorized by grade level based on the Common Core Standards For Mathematics as shown in the links below. You definitely look into more into multiplication for right brain kids if your child is struggling in math. Now remember, as a visual learner, your child is taking a "picture" of this flashcard in their mind.

Now they can take a picture of:6x5=30An Even Better WayI think an even better way teach multiplication for right brain kids is through picture flashcards. Once you figure out what works for you and your child, you need to have a system for learning all the facts.
This article will cover how you can help your child with multiplication if they are right brain or visual learners. They will acutally learn much more quickly if they make their own flashcards.On the first day, review each card talking about the picture and the storyHold each card up so they have to move their eyes up to look at the picture.
However, if you would like more general information about right brain learners, click here.You may be wondering how to know if your child is a visual learner.
Spotting a grassy field, they hopped over a fence and discovered that there was no one in the field.

But remember, this is not a test or quiz, the child should know that they can always go back a review anything they are not remember. With true visual learners, this won't take long.When they are done "taking a picture" take the picture down, tell them to look at a blank wall and then describe the picture to you. They turned around and found out that they had jumped into a field of thirty-six charging bulls!

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