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Even if you do not have a dog of your own, it is important to teach your children about dogs and correct behaviour around them, for their own safety and to ensure that they do not grow up afraid of dogs.
Teaching kids to respect dogs not only makes sure that you stand the best chance possible of keeping your kids from getting hurt or even being bitten by a dog that they come into contact with, but also ensures that your child will not bother or terrorise your dog!
As soon as your child is a toddler or old enough to move around the house and come into contact with your dog of their own volition, it is time to set some very basic rules. You should also teach them not to feed your dog treats or their own meals unless you say it is ok, not to pull their tail, poke their faces, or try to dress up or ride your dog! It is important to establish in your child’s mind that even if their own dog is incredibly tolerant and well behaved, not all dogs are like this. You should also teach them that if they encounter a dog off the lead that approaches them, not to run, and to look for the owner or handler of the dog for direction. It is also a great idea to teach your child pro-actively about how to handle and touch your dog, and other dogs that they have permission to play with. Getting your child involved in the day to day care and routine where your dog is concerned is an excellent idea, as this will help to bond your child with your dog and feel empathy for them, and teach your child intuitively to know how your dog is feeling, when they want company and when to leave them alone. Take them out on walks with you and your dog, encourage them to have a hand on the lead with you, instil in them the importance of routine for dogs, why owning a dog is a privilege, and why your dog deserves their love and respect, and is not the same thing as a toy.
You can also begin to teach older children under ten about basic training commands, not only how to give them but when to use them!
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From the beginning of life children look to you for guidance, and they mimic your words and actions as early as infancy. We all have a background, whether Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Chinese, or Indian to name a few. If you are Caucasian from Irish decent, take your child to an Irish festival and show them all about their Irish background. These are just some ways to help your child or children grow up to be strong, exceptional, and very respectful older children and then adults.
Visit Kiddie Academy for exceptional child care and learning at an establishment you can trust. We crowded into the hotel conference room for our final session at the end of a long week searching for people and houses of peace. All of this happened in Moss Side, notorious for its high rate of drug and gang related murders.
Thanks to our hosts, Anthony Delaney and Ivy Church, and to Don Waybright and the team from Sugar Creek which included their lead pastor Mark Hartman.
The notorious Moss Side neighborhood of Manchester UK is recognized as the most diverse neighborhood in the world. Day One: 56 people received prayer, 48 people heard the gospel (3Circles), 11 yellow lights (I want to learn more), 4 green lights (turned and believed). Steve Wright talks about how a multi-site mega church can reach it’s community through multiplying disciples and churches. Each touch of training has two components: one is the event and the second is the weekly rollout. We went in to Tulsa in September-October, and it was just a soft touch of training with the pastors and elders and a few key people in the church.
They started going through the Commands of Christ on Wednesday nights, they started taking a training team out in the harvest on Thursday nights, and next thing you know you’re seeing out of this church led by pastors and elders, people come to Christ and stories start bubbling out within the community.
So we show up in January and I meet with their fruitful trainers on the ground the night before, and we run through the training and practice and we get up there and their people did 80% of the training. So second touch of training, we did the event and then they did the 4-6 week rollout of the Commands of Christ afterwards. At this training one of the trainer’s second-generation disciple was there and that person baptized a third-generation disciple at the training.
Our whole goal is to come in to help get it started, then we remove ourselves and just continue on in a coaching and mentoring relationship, so that it’s the local leaders and teams that are the ones rolling this out.
The 3Touches are three training events on sharing the gospel and making disciples, two-three months apart.
At the last event (2-3 months later) the swarm team watch while the local practitioners do all the training. Adopt a NoPlaceLeft radius around church to share gospel with every household within a time-frame.
Recently I spoke to Troy Cooper about how he finds churches that are ready to become mobilisation centres for multiplying disciples and churches. One is disciple-making—they’re usually exploring different evangelism and discipleship tools that are totally unrelated to one another.
The second is church planting—hey we’re interested in planting churches—and they’ll typically outsource this to somebody.
The third one is missions mobilization; they’ve got a heart to mobilize people to the nations and they’re usually looking to outsource that too. When I look at the Bible and see what happened in the book of Acts, if you start with disciple-making, it leads to church planting, which leads to missions mobilisation. But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. In New Zealand, as in Australia, Britain and Europe, we’re still a long way from multiplying movements of disciples and churches. The biggest barrier to the spread of the gospel, resulting in new disciples and multiplying streams of churches, is our unwillingness to share the gospel up front and early and teach new disciples how to obey Christ. Theirs is the story of gospel advance as Phil is facing a life and death struggle with cancer.
Phil and Monika Clark talk with Steve Addison about their story of pioneering movements in New Zealand. Last time we checked in Russell Godward was out searching for houses of peace in Gisambi, Kenya. If you want your Mondays to be different maybe we could come and train with you, your church or a group of churches in your town? I got comfortable and settled in to switch off and watch a movie before the busy two weeks ahead and noticed an older Asian man sitting next to me. Part way though the flight (at and my movie!) the gentleman next to me tapped me on the shoulder. I talked about how in the Koran it says Jesus was sinless, born of a virgin and did miracles. So, there, at 30,000 feet we prayed and Salim from Sri Lanka asked Jesus to forgive his sins and said he wanted to follow Him. Please pray that the seed that has been planted in Salim’s heart will grow and that he will become a strong follower of Christ. David Broodryk talks to Steve Addison about the place of groups, gatherings and teams in pioneering movements in urban environments.
God assumed from the beginning that the wise of the world would view Christians as fools…and He has not been disappointed.
But if influence reduces merely to terms of human flourishing and the Common Good, we are not preaching the gospel. According to Pew Research, among Christians women are more religious than men, but among Muslims women are rarely more religious than men.

The poll, published in the liberal daily L’Unita, challenges long-held perceptions that Italy is a ”Catholic” country, despite the popularity of Pope Francis and the historic role of the Vatican City State in the heart of Rome. Of the 1,500 respondents, 4 percent said they were Orthodox or Protestant, 2 percent were Buddhist, 1 percent were Jewish and 1 percent were Muslim. A surprising 20 percent said they were atheist, while 8 percent said they were religiously unaffiliated. Italy has witnessed a weakening of religious faith over the past 20 years and a growing trend toward personal spiritual inquiry. Over the next four decades, Christians will remain the largest religious group, but Islam will grow faster than any other major religion, mostly because Muslims are younger and have more children than any other religious group globally. Its ancient cities are cradles of Christian art and learning, and Catholicism is in many ways the country’s raison d’etre. But Belgium’s devout heritage has been traded for secularism and Islam has stepped into the void. Among all respondents, levels of active adherence to Catholicism seemed to diminish dramatically with age, while the practice of Islam increased correspondingly. The percentage of avowedly “practising Catholics” far exceeds the numbers who actually turn up at mass, as any cleric will confirm. Chuck Wood discusses what it takes to move beyond making disciples to multiplying churches.
When Jesus announced the arrival of the kingdom of God, he was announcing the beginning of the end times. Somehow people think that because the kingdom has arrived in the person of Jesus, his death and resurrection, the world will be transformed in this age. The one thing he did promise was that repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem (Luke 24:47). This month Mission Frontiers magazine published an extract from book on Pioneering Movements. The Jim Muir’s extensive report on the rise of ISIS and why it’s not going away anytime soon.
Articles by Jeff Sundell, Nathan Shank, Troy Cooper, Stan Parks, David Watson, Fred Campbell and some bloke called Steve Addison.
UPDATE: you can download the whole edition free, but some of the articles online are web only. Convictions: They were motivated by inner convictions that compelled them to share the gospel. Experiences: They saw God at work — people coming to faith, or the experience of the Holy Spirit in sharing. The Olympus SH-1 seems at first like any other compact point and shoot camera with a long zoom.
Over the weekend, Ross Ulbricht's lawyer, Joshua Dratel, filed a motion asking the court to dismiss all charges against the Silk Road kingpin. He suffered a painful slip-and-fall that left him with a broken jaw in November, but Zac Efron never took himself so seriously that he couldn't laugh at it.
In an interview to promote his movie "That Awkward Moment," the 26-year-old star sits with castmates Miles Teller and Michael B.
However, according to Jordan, when he finished "early," she grabbed a "heavy book [and] slammed it right into your beautiful face. New Chrome-powered desktop will debut at CES 2014 LG has taken the wraps off their latest project, and announced the Chromebase.
Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman are nowhere to be found in the latest clip from the sci-fi thriller. As reported yesterday, Apple has today made the brand spanking new Mac Pro available to order, and alongside it the Sharp 32" 4K monitor that appeared in the store briefly before.
If you have a dog of your own within the home, this is of course especially important, and children of all ages from the time that they are old enough to get around by themselves should have a basic understanding of respect for your dog, which you can build upon as your child grows up.
These should include not waking up the dog when they are sleeping, and not touching them or interfering with them when they are eating. It is important to instil respect of strange dogs into your child, but not fear, so while it is important to explain that strange dogs might possibly hurt them, do not make this point the focus of your teaching. This is something that should happen when the child is a little older, and involve elements such as how to pat and stroke a dog, how to tell if a dog is friendly or not, when to leave a dog alone, and where not to touch a dog. No child under the age of their middle teenaged years should even be considered as an appropriate person to be the main caregiver for your dog.
Our parents, and their parents, and the parents before them seemed to have a tighter grasp on their children. From day 1 you want to be a positive role model and an uplifting source of comfort and a builder of self-esteem, not the opposite.
This means that you are a HUGE influence on your children, and need to act according to the way you want your child to behave. You have to always treat people the way you’d like them to treat you, regardless of how someone might actually treat you in return or just in general. It’s important to always stay in touch with your roots and take pride in who you are, right down to your DNA.
Also check out their personal blog to learn more about raising exceptional children and managing through the tough times.
We encountered Muslims from around the world, Rastafarians, Gnostics, drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, gang bangers and more. We really believe it’s the week-to-week rollout of the training that really gets to movement, but the event training becomes an on-ramp for people and an opportunity to help raise up trainers. So we were scheduled for January, April and July—three touches—but the January training was now a second touch because we’ve already got people on the ground that can train. We just went back for the third touch and just watched them at two campuses, and now they’ve got a solid training team on several campuses, and now those teams are helping train other churches in the city. After each one 3Thirds discipleship groups are launched to practice the skills, begin sharing the gospel and learn how to disciple others.
So we went in to talk about church planting but we immediately went back to let’s talk about how to make disciples. We pray together as a young 19 year old guy turns his life over to following Jesus, and we make plans to start meeting to disciple him!
Broken people are not put back together overnight, but why would you want to do anything else?
The Spirit stirred him, then a slow realisation showed on his face and he acknowledged that Jesus must be greater.
Salim’s son-in-law in Sri Lanka is a Christian and when he returns to Sri Lanka he is looking forward to talking with him. A flourishing culture that likes the trappings and benefits of Christianity, but not its kernel, isn’t biblical Christianity. Here’s the inspiring story of how disciple making movements are spreading in the prison system.
Of those, some said they believed in destiny, horoscopes, reincarnation, Tarot readings and miracle cures.
All other faiths, except Islam, have plateaued or are declining in their percentage share of the world’s growing population. When it was created in 1830, the kingdom offered a political home to Catholic Dutch-speakers who preferred to unite with French-speaking co-religionists than with Protestants with whom they had a common tongue.

Among respondents in the city, practising Catholics amounted to 12% and non-practising ones to 28%. Thus among respondents aged 55 and over, practising Catholics amounted to 30% and practising Muslims to less than 1%; but among those aged between 18 and 34, active adherence to Islam (14%) exceeded the practice of Catholicism (12%).
But it includes a signature feature usually found in the company's interchangable-lens bodies: 5-axis on-sensor image stabilization.
If you're going to make the switch, you won't want to leave any scrap of your precious mobile identity in Android's cold robotic embrace. Half the time you get a smooth and delicious cocktail, and half the time it's a lumpy, curdled mess. We've known the starting prices for some time now, but only today do we learn how much we'll be putting down for some of the upgrades. Address things from the viewpoint of respecting dogs rather than fearing them, and teach your child about manners and being polite rather than avoiding being bitten. You should also introduce your child to the basics of hygiene and safety at this stage, and teach your kids not to kiss your dog, not to allow the dog to lick them, and always to wash their hands after touching the dog. Many of us were spanked or got the belt as children and maybe respected our parents out of fear of dire consequences. If you have the word sucker written all over your forehead it’s easy to not be respected as a parent, and treated more like a pal. If you curse like a trucker, don’t show respect for your own self and your possessions, and treat other people poorly, this will most likely rub off on your children to some extent. You will come across not so nice people in the world, but it’s important to not sink down to their level. As a parent it’s your job to help teach your child about where they come from, about their culture, and who their ancestors are.
The challenge was that because this was coming from pastors and elders in the community, we had seven churches there, with seven lead pastors! They know NoPlaceLeft—that’s the banner they’re flying under—and they know there’s a number of pastors and churches in the area that are doing this.
When we find a pastor that’s broken for lostness, hungry to learn, then we can come in as catalysts, serve them like crazy through training and coaching, and praying for them like crazy. Letting the lead pastor and elders see that we come to serve and that we’re willing to go at the pace of the Holy Spirit through their leadership. Even more, God is glorified that whether Phil lives or dies, Phil and Monika live in Christ.
He needs to leave, but before he does Dapo asks him if we can meet again to share some more? We begin to share more with him; we ask if he feels near or far from God and he talks a little about this.
I love that the explosion of Christianity led to a revolution in human dignity; in hospitals and university. A true gospel will be met with resistance because it overturns the accepted patterns of the world.
Some 19% were active Muslims and another 4% were of Muslim identity without practising the faith. If anything holds Belgium together through its third century of existence, Catholicism will not be the glue.
David Milne (above) has done the research on the factors that influence whether a person follows through.
I don’t believe in raising my children this way though it may have worked for us, it is certainly not my cup of tea. If little Betty says a curse word, or breaks the family rules, which all families must have, there needs to be some form of punishment to correct the behavior and command respect from your child. Dire situations can occur when self-esteem and positivity is not instilled, and this should start very early on. Self-esteem is naturally higher when a person is clean and feeling positive about their appearance.
These words build self-esteem, and we all know that self-esteem and self-respect go hand in hand. It’s one more thing your child can learn to be proud of themselves for, and find strength in their ancestry.
It was actually just supposed to be a vision meeting; it wasn’t supposed to be a training, but they took what I gave them and they began to roll it out. We had over 250 people at this massive training, getting trained, going out in the harvest…this is awesome, but the challenge is, if this thing continues to blow up, how many people are comfortable training in front of 250 people? I want a renaissance of high culture that produces aesthetic wonders emanating from Christianity.
New Testament Christianity assumes that a follower of Christ is well acquainted with scorn (2 Tim.
But if this trend continues, practitioners of Islam may soon comfortably exceed devout Catholics not just in cosmopolitan Brussels, as is the case already, but across the whole of Belgium’s southern half. Inside the HD 1920 x 1080 IPS display, you'll find basically the same internals as the existing Samsung Chromebox. We'll update our Mac Pro buyers guide with the full rundown, but needless to say I just ticked all the boxes to take a look and ran it up to $9599. It can seem like it’s just one church that’s doing this, so that’s why I just dropped the idea hey what if we rolled this out at multiple campuses next time? So these newer believers are training other believers how to make disciples, and what gave them such credibility to do it is, for the last 4-6 months they’ve been out in the harvest every week, engaging lostness, sharing the gospel, discipling the fruit and starting groups in homes, and they’re already seeing third generation disciples.
If I have brought any message today, it is this: Have the courage to have your wisdom regarded as stupidity. The 16GB SSD, 2 GB of RAM and Intel CPU provide more than enough power to run Chrome, and should offer the user a decent experience. At that moment the guy changes, the bravado falls away and he visibly warms to the idea of prayer. It's expensive, and it's not necessarily for you, but it's extremely impressive all the same. It’s getting dark and cold, so we head around the area to prayer walk before heading home.
Now they’ve got a full-time staff guy and a missions team and they’re pursuing unreached, unengaged people groups in Central and South America. Their faithfulness has prepared the way for movements of disciples and churches across New Zealand. He looks me in the eye and says “Yes, 2 years ago this week my older brother at age 21 committed suicide in prison. So there on the High Street, as the cold and dark press in on us, we pray for him and his family in Jesus’ name.

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