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If you have a child who has to move to think, who has to touch it to learn about it, who has to remake, rebuild it, redo it after you’ve learned it, you will know what I mean when I say that these kinesthetic tactile learners are truly a special and entertaining sort of learner.
Teaching these kids to read can be particularly challenging when they lose interest because sitting down and reading is boring, or when you can’t keep them in their chair long enough to try, or when their brain is off inventing the latest mode of transportation and their hands are itching to go build it with legos.
Use dry erase boards or chalkboards, have them write letters you dictate to spell letters or short words, read them aloud, erase them, write the next one, etc. Let him play with quiet hands on distractions (such as pipe cleaners, play doh or sensory balloons) while you read to him to help him pay attention.
Teaching these very active learners does require a little bit of preparation on our part but these active learners can also make teaching and learning very, very fun!

If you’d like to read more posts related to reading, then you may want to check out Marianne’s Homeschooling with Dyslexia, Mary’s 10 Days of Reading Aloud, or Becky’s Teaching Spelling Through Word Study! Hi, I'm Amber: Pastor's wife, marriage advocate, eclectic homeschooler, mother of three, and domestically challenged homemaker. But with a few tips, teaching these movers and shakers to read can become a little bit easier. Set some boundaries and define which types of movement are allowed during a reading lesson. For example, place word cards on the floor and have her jump from card to card as you call them out to make a sentence.

As soon as the need to get up and move overpowers the ability to stay focused on the lesson, put the lesson down and do something active.
While you’re there, check out the Pin it to Win It contest featuring a giveaway of products from Prufrock Press. Standing and walking around might not be allowed, but sitting in a child-sized rocking chair may help.

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