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Empathy or the ability to perceive another person’s point of view naturally emerges as a child grows and develops. Model gratitude – children model their parents in every way, so make sure you always say please and thank you. Ask your child to help – giving your child a task like clearing the table or washing the dishes helps him to appreciate the work that you put in when his parents do the task for everybody. Your language, behavior, mood, reactions, goals and habits all influence how your child sees and understands happiness. The following five steps will help you make happiness a part of your daily conversation until it is practiced and observed and becomes a habit. Decide to be happy – teach your children that they can choose to be happy at any moment or whenever they want to feel good.
Teach tools for resiliency – teach your children to respond with acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude when faced with adversarial situations. Acceptance – Encourage your children to be true to themselves by accepting and having confidence on who they really are inside.

Trust and faith – Teach your children to respond with faith and trust when faced with the unknown. However, valuing, respecting and understanding another person’s point of view are social and emotional skills that parents must help their children to understand in order to raise emphatic and compassionate individuals. By focusing on the things that your children already have helps them realize and keep in mind that they are rich in so many ways.
Remind them that their happiness is so precious that they shouldn’t let other people or situations take it away from them.
Encourage them to use their strengths and support activities that use and showcase their strength. The day was hot, the bride was beautiful, and I managed to pull off my pregnant-bridesmaid dress. The school year is an insane time for my husband, especially since he transferred to a new program.
Those weird little lumps could slide around your mouth like soothing, massaging medicine balls.

Teaching them gratitude also makes them sensitive to other people’s feelings, helping them to develop empathy, compassion and kindness. But when things get tough or when things don’t go their way, how do we teach children to cope and stay happy? My husband was gone all last week, so I’ve been looking forward to THIS week for awhile. Really it was just a square cloth–a bandana, if you will, that we had to wear to represent our cabin.

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