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Letting your children play with their food was cute when they were babies and toddlers, but once they reach a certain age (about 3 years old), it is absolutely disgusting if you are still letting them eat their pasta with their hands. You may not know all of the fine dining etiquette and rules, but that doesn’t have to stop you from teaching your kids to use inside voices, to sit on their bottoms in their chairs (and that includes them not running around the restaurant), to not throw their food, to always use their napkins, and to never talk with their mouths full. Teaching your kids to show general respect to others includes teaching them not to touch things that don’t belong to them, how to wait their turn, and even how not to be a sore loser. With parenting very often when we ‘tell’ a child they will ‘forget’, if we ‘teach’ a child they will ‘remember’ but if we ‘involve’ a child they will learn.
This website uses cookies to improve your experience and help us provide relevant content you enjoy. Have your child collect their left over schools supplies from the previous year, and together, decide what can be reused (items like pens, erasers, and highlighters are usually most recyclable).
Make a list of only the supplies you need and research different stores to see where you can find each product the cheapest. A few weeks before school starts or once the current school year begins, there are sure to be many clearance sales. Of course you will purchase majority of your child’s back-to-school items but have them use some of their own savings to cover any “extras” like that fancy zippered pencil holder.

Consider selling new or slightly used clothes that your child has never worn or grown out of. Legal stuffNorth Texas Kids is dedicated to bringing you the best in parenting resources in the North Texas area. Instill an expectation in your children starting when they are young that those words are expected of them and be consistent. I’m not saying that they need to be ready to eat dinner with the Queen of England, but they can put their napkin in their lap, chew with their mouth closed and keep their elbows off the table! If they see you showing respect and displaying good manners, they will follow your example. Use this example to teach your children about the importance of recycling and how it helps to save money!
Depending on the age of your child, have them help you with this and let them know the budget you have set aside for the item.
This is a great time to have a conversation about the difference between needs and wants and why they’ll need to budget their money in order to afford them.
Whether it’s being polite or knowing how to act in public, manners is an important lesson that all children need to learn.

You teach them, and you constantly remind them of what is expected and do not tolerate anything less.
It will only take a bit of gentle urging and reminding from you to make sure they remember.
I just want to put healthy and flavorful meals on the table quickly without having to rely on processed foods, while still trying to maintain a household. Turn it up a notch, if they help you save a nice chunk of change, offer an incentive that you will give them a portion of the money they save you! Explain to your kids that this will save money that can be used towards other fun things like going to the movies, going out to dinner, etc.
We talked about how to teach children to act in restaurants before, but it bears repeating! Bring your child with you and compare price differences to show them how much they can save if they shop smart.  If your child is very young (K-3), bring them along to expose them to the types of money available (cash, coin) and to show them how money facilitates transactions.

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