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Children of today will grow up as the adults of tomorrow and therefore it is important to groom them as responsible youth. As parents never differentiate between your children because of gender as such biases holds on to the memory for long. Dr Singh says, “On the basis of early experiences one develops gender schemes which are cognitive structures used to organise information about male and female genders. Power, strength, domination, rage are qualities that are very male centric whereas love, nurture, warmth, care and submissiveness are attributed to a girl. Children should be taught to freely bring out their opinions and share their fears, so that they don’t hide their true feelings. Entrepreneur,Life Learner Husband and Father.Proven leader in digital strategy, marketing, attribution and marketing analytics. Get the latest news and up-to-date tips in oral care from Somerset Dental's dentistry team. The most important lessons children learn are from their parents, its mimicking their behaviour that teaches them the right and wrong way to behave and act.
From when baby’s first teeth come through, it’s important to be using a soft cloth to be cleaning them, making sure milk residue is not sticking to their teeth. Your child should brush their teeth for at least two minutes twice a day, however in the rush to get out the door for pre-school or school, this can sometimes be rushed. As your child gets older and more independent, just because they now can brush their teeth doesn’t mean they are. Proper dental care begins young and the habits that are formed can prevent dental complications and orthodontic treatments for older children. Share10 Tweet3 +16 Pin1 ShareShares 20In an ideal world, your child’s safety, and the safety of your family, would not be an issue. Fire – Two-thirds of house fires that end in fatalities did not have a working fire detector. Safety Equipment – your child may consider it a pain, or taking time away from playing, but insuring that she wears protective safety equipment, like helmets and pads, while participating in certain activities is very important. Water – activities based around water are popular with most kids, especially in the hot and muggy summer months. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Because of the recent extreme sexual harassment cases against women, such as rape in recent times it has becomes more important to sensitize your child towards gender-based atrocities and develop a mindset that will never favor such acts. Preeti Singh Senior Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist, Paras Hospitals says, “Gender is a very important facet of our identity.
For example, the home environment will influence her and she will imbibe the thought processes of her immediate family.

They might also begin to behave in similar ways believing it is right.  So it important for kids to be have gender neutral influences. By observing the varied roles played by parents, and identifying with the same sex parent, children come to understand gender characteristics, gender roles and gendered expectations. Anmol Annadate, pediatrician and child psychologist, emphasizes that gender biases may be the reason of emotional weakness in children. Due to these build associations in the minds of little kids that they tend to believe that violent acts like rape and domination are justified. Encourage girls to be independent and boys on the other hand should be taught to be gentle and caring. Gorav Gupta, Psychiatrist, Tulasi healthcare, says, “Kids need to be educated about sexual relationships. This is one thing that children need to be taught so that they don’t generalise situations. Discussing incidences and latest news updates will open their minds to the outer world and break their bubble, making them more aware of their surroundings.
Gupta concludes by saying, “There are times when children draw blanket judgments on the basis of past experiences and influences.
Teaching correct teeth brushing is an important lesson to teach your child to get it right from the very beginning.
From there a training toothbrush can be introduced to teach your baby to hold and use the toothbrush.
Try using a favourite song to brush to or there are a range of free iPhone apps which ensure children enjoy brushing their teeth for 2 to 3 minutes.
Checking technique and how long they are brushing for is still important and shows that you are still monitoring their brushing habits.
The team at Somerset Dental are here to help you teach your children proper dental hygiene.
You want to give your child the knowledge to be safe with strangers, but you don’t want to scare her, so try and keep it light and comfortable.
Gender sensitization among kids can be consciously practiced to bring them up in a gender-neutral environment.
Why should only boys run errands or bring out the garbage, whereas a girl is told to clean the kitchen table or tidy up the room? Expectations from children are called differential expectations and the rewards or encouragements are referred as differential reinforcement. Most media influences are stereotypical which is sure to cast an impression on young minds.
Note that children are very sensitive to reactions and therefore be alert while responding to your child’s sex and gender related queries.

If, like many parents, you’re always rushing out the door….shoes, hair, breakfast, bag, jacket, hat, it can be seemingly impossible to slow down and help your child brush their teeth.
Teaching your child about safety inside and outside the home are important life skills to master, that will benefit him throughout his life.
This will help familiarize him with the sound, so if the alarm goes off, he will know what it is. While your child knowing how to swim has many benefits, it does not, nor should it replace adult supervision. There are no rules as such that boys must read Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew is reserved for girls. I therefore feel that it is best to instill in them as sense of respect for the opposite sex. They should never differentiate between their students as it could be harmful for the kid’s morale.  Kids should be encouraged to play all kind of sports, irrespective of their gender.
Understand that knowing the opposite sex is very important to get a better perspective on communication and grasping individual capabilities. Sometimes children, who have been sexually abused or have friends who have been abuse victims, grow into individuals with personality problems. Making sure she puts her helmet on every time she rides her bike, allows it to become routine, and before long she will be doing it without you having to say a word.
The most important thing is to not make these conversations a one time thing, but to revisit them often so that they are constantly in your child’s mind. Start off easy by using family members and people she has never met, the gradually get harder by including people that she may see regularly, but does not personally know (i.e. Though most house fires start due to faulty equipment, like heaters, fireplaces, and bad wiring, it is important to discuss about never playing with fire, and safety with matches, candles, etc.
Make her understand that it’s ok to be different and pursue dreams that do not match the description of her favorite comic or movie.
Thus schools play an important role in establishing gender sensitivity especially today when all schools are becoming co-ed educational centers.
There are many children’s books that cover this topic, and stories can be a great conversation starter or enforcer.

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