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Additionally, you should help them use  this knowledge to learn how to solve more complex problems. This will help them to see the subject as practical and relevant to their lives. Doing this makes math easier and more exciting to learn. Believing in your child and supporting his or her studies and success in this subject is very important.
Making sure your child has a firm grip on math may be one of the best things you can do for your child. A belief is floating around that says children today are ruder, more ignorant, and generally less respectful of their elders than they were in pre-electronic device days. If you have children, I’m sure sometimes you feel talking to them is like chatting to a brick wall.
Television and other solo activities fail to foster a child’s fundamental talking and listening skills. Computer games and other highly immersive activities require high concentration levels and skill to play. I don’t know if computer games directly contribute to poor listening – though research hints at a correlation – but I do know that a lack of interaction develops poor listening. Look at this issue of focus and language development instead of thinking poor discipline causes a child to poorly listen. In addition to activities such computer games hurting children’s listening skills, schools are also to blame. If you are a teacher, one of the best things you can do is randomly call out students to briefly summarize what you have said and reward them for good, attentive listening. Unless you are a teacher, unfortunately, there is little you can do about the speaking to listening ratio in classrooms. When you say something to your child throughout the day, ask your child to say his or her understanding of what you said.
Spend time with your child to develop their knowledge, listening skills, focus, and your relationship. While the 21st century may hurt a child’s listening skills, you can help your little one overcome communication difficulties presented by the modern world.
Joshua Uebergang, aka "Tower of Power", teaches social skills to help shy guys build friends and influence people. As I read through this I thought about my kids, aged 9, 5 and 18 months respectively and how lucky I am to be discovering this now, I hope I am not too late for the older ones.
Sowrirajan, I’m guessing you’re curious about sports involvement to encourage more socializing? If a child competes at sports with others and isn’t up to decent relative level, the flow state breaks. How to Be a People MagnetJoin 16,107 people for free tips and secrets to make friends and improve your relationships by entering your name and email in the form below. Children start learning beginning concepts in algebra, geometry, measurement, and statistics as early as elementary school. As you are teaching your child this subject, you should help them to understand mathematical concepts.
It will help build your child’s confidence and enable them to excel in their studies of math. Parents realise more and more how a quality homeschooling can prepare their child for developing social skills, once they are in the kindergarten. As any parent knows, children at preschool-age constantly ask questions about the world around them. More importantly, does a child of yours languish in poor listening and what can you do to improve their listening skills?

Many studies (such as ones listed in USA Today and MSNBC) conclude today’s children suffer from a lowered attention span due to activities like television and computer games. Children sit in front of a gaming console, computer, or television then become mind-slaves to the device. When concentration and skill blend, time distorts to form an internal state of enjoyment behavioral psychologists call “flow”. Computer games and similar gadgets cause children to develop poor listening skills when their number of interactions dwindle. The first thing you can do to teach your child better listening skills is to help them make better choices of activities to participate in during the day. You can integrate children’s favorite learning style into helping them improve their listening skills. A perfect rehashing of your words is superfluous; you are only after the main meaning of the message.
You cannot expect your child to be patient and attentively listen to you when you cannot be patient yourself.
By interacting and building a relationship with your children, they spend more time with you.
Learn more effective listening skills from other articles on my ToP blog to improve your listening and become better role model for your child.
Adults who use the activities provided earlier and develop their own listening skills, become an excellent role model. Visit his blog and sign-up free to get communication techniques, relationship-boosting strategies, and life-building tips by email, along with blog updates, and more! Both my children are now young men, how I wish you or someone else had written and I had read this article 20 to 25 years back! I came across this when I was little worried on my 8 year old son’s listening skills. You’d have to consult a doctor to see if a hormonal imbalance can cause a problem with sport involvement. I was having a moment of difficulty in paying attention, myself, while studying, and thought I’d take a break and see what was out there on the subject. My 7yr old 2nd Grader has been having issues with paying attention and listening to his teacher.
If you’re yelling, screaming, cursing, or grabbing your children, they will model this behavior too. Instead of freaking out by yelling at them, get eye level with them and explain your expectations in a calm and firm manner. As a parent, you want to make sure that your child can handle mathematical concepts from the very beginning of their education. Helping them as they advance in the subject will enable them to do well and continue with their success all the way through. Help them to reason mathematically, and to communicate mathematical ideas by talking and writing about math. You should help your child comprehend the basic skills in each area of math, while simultaneously teaching them to think about the applications of math. While math may not be your favorite subject, it is important to reinforce mathematics achievement and maintain a positive attitude that, with your help, your child can master math. Since naturally the first school any child is exposed to is at home, home schooling is very important. They have no chance to effectively listen when they cannot build their focus and develop other fundamental skills through interactions with peers and adults.
Most people who’ve played a computer game will describe the flow state when they say hours fly by in apparently a short period of time.

The change of pace from a Mario game to hearing a parent complain about undone homework is slow, boring, and annoying.
Aim to develop your child’s patience so he or she at least has the chance to pay attention to a person who speaks. Reducing the amount of electronic stimulation helps develop the child’s social skills because of more face-to-face interaction.
Children are required to keep quite and pay attention – so-called “listening” – as they associate good listening with not interrupting and not saying a word, which creates “mindless” hearing in their relationship communication.
Have them maintain reasonable eye-contact with the speaker and develop other non-verbal skills such as facing you, not fidgeting, and maintaining good posture where appropriate. As a parent, you may be vulnerable to use your authority over you child by interrupting them. It is harder to do than plonking them in front of the television, but the rewards of raising a socially intelligent child are worth the effort. Teach your child listening skills today to improve your family’s togetherness and provide the child with foundational communication skills that last a lifetime.
But there is still hope as I am going to work upon myself to be a model listener, if not for my sons then for some other youngsters.
You’d need to come up with ways to make sport activities challenging enough so he believes he can do the activity. When you get too much change back at a store, let your child know you are returning the extra and why you are doing it. For example, “I loved the way you said please and thank you when you asked for a snack!” By validating their behavior it gives your child confidence in knowing that respectful behavior gets your attention and is worthwhile! They never manage to get the help they need to understand the subject or make it work for them.
A computer and television deliver sounds and visuals more captivating than a nagging parent.
In addition, it increases the chance of improving your child’s health from less time spent sitting down. This activity is also excellent activity because the lessons in the book builds a child’s knowledge.
Do not trick children into thinking you are listening when you are actually planning what to eat for dinner. I understand that I need to correct and develop the ability of listening, before I expect the same from my son.
When you speak with disrespect, they will learn this as well. Children will also see how you treat other people.
While it is true that “more lessons are caught than taught” don’t assume your children will learn without occasional deliberate teaching opportunities.
Follow President George Bush’s cheeky advice when he said, “They put an off button on the TV for a reason. Nowadays when a teacher uses such words a parent assumes they’re insinuating they have ADD or something.
I would be happy if you could suggest a solution to develop involvement in sports activities.

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