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Before your child reaches this stage, decide how you’re going to act the first time your child throws a tantrum because they didn’t get their way. Recognize they are growing up (often faster than you’d like) and they are able to do things they couldn’t in the past.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. So his mom, my neighbor, put the boy in his bed, but he screamed, so she took him out of bed and brought him back to the table. So his mom put him back in bed and he screamed and cried and she brought him back out to the table.
And so he cried and screamed wanting someone to be very firm and insist that he stay in his room and sleep. The right thing, the kind thing to do here is to ignore the child’s crying for a bit. Meantime, while your child is smack dab in the middle of the terrible twos, you need to know how to handle them.
During the tantrum stay calm—if you get upset she’s going to tantrum even harder because she wants to see your absolute limit—how angry will you get? Second of all, you may be able to just distract your child by giving him something interesting, like your car keys or a toy. Another good way to eliminate the battles that come with the terrible twos is to offer choices. Varda Meyers Epstein is a mother of 12, communications writer, and education blogger at the Kars4Kids blog. That is a dreaded phase for most parents and then other parents look at you with pity when you tell them your child just turned two. Tell them no hitting, no biting, no whining or whatever they’re doing which you deem is not acceptable behavior. It also means being sure you have a snack with you in case they get hungry while you are out and about.

Tell them 10 or 15 minutes before you have to go someplace so they can start transitioning from one activity to another. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
The neighbors had just one child, a boy of around 18 months (the terrible twos can kick in early).
He needed someone to ignore him until he got the point: no one was going to let him come out and be at the table because he needed to sleep now.
This was a different issue: this was a child sorely in need of limits, in fact begging for limits, and his parents, thinking themselves merciful, were actually being kind of cruel, but not letting the child know that enough is enough and that it was time to go to sleep. If he doesn’t settle down, you can try soothing him inside his room, preferably while he is inside his bed. Sometimes your child will throw a tantrum because she thinks she should be able to do something that you do perfectly well, such as turn on the stove and cook an egg (!).
Sometimes a child in the thick of the terrible twos will want to ask you something or tell you something and she simply does not have the words to say what she means. How much attention can she get from you, negative or otherwise, with her outrageous behavior? Or you might be able to give him a hug and talk him down from the tantrum by speaking about something else (anything other than the thing that’s bugging him) calmly. But you may be able to cut down on the number of tantrums your child has by cutting out triggers. Learn more about our charity programs and see how your car can make a difference in the life of a child. If you must go out to the store, try to do it during the part of the day they’re generally in a good mood. Make a big deal out of their putting their clothes in their dresser or helping you set the table. But if he just gets more riled up, it’s best to leave and let him work it out, if he can, until he falls asleep.

Obviously, you are not going to let your child use the stove at the tender age of approximately two years old. Well, first of all, the terrible twos happen to most kids and parents, even if every single customer in the store is staring. Give him encouragement when he’s trying something new or doing something difficult and succeeding.
By avoiding trips outside the house when you know they’ll be cranky you can avoid a good deal of problems. Find things they can do which will give them a reason to shine and for you to be proud of their achievements. But from her point of view, she sees you doing this task with no effort and cannot see why she shouldn’t be able to do the same. If you give in and let him have it, he’ll demand it the next time and the time after that. Ask open-ended questions, that is to say, questions that are not answered with yes or no but with full answers.
When you take her away from what you rightly see as a danger to her, she feels frustration and it makes her scream and cry. Then move on and do something else, for instance, bring out crayons and paper and have a draw-fest. They want to see how you deal with the terrible twos (they already know how they dealt with it!).

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