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Just as this record was making its way from the presses to Lemon Session Headquarters, guitarist and band mastermind Kareem moved to Iraq for a year of learning abroad (anthropology major = nerd!).
These four songs first appeared on a limited edition cassette but this is the only vinyl release they appear on. We were looking to Karp, Poison Idea and the Jesus Lizard for ideas and this is what we came up with. It took awhile, but these two tracks finally showed up in my email and I couldn’t have been happier.
No parties to be had here, unless it’s a party where everyone has taken too much acid and just as many downers.

First track is a pitch perfect punk track, the kind that’s so good it pisses off your mom.
This time they went a little power pop, but not the shitty kind that can give you a stomach ache.
Being equipment geeks, the guys had also set up their own studio by the point and went right to work laying down 20 of their favorite covers with no idea who would be putting it out.
The second is long, noisy and slow, reminiscent of that moment when the pills kick in while you’re driving after one too many beers. Five tracks recorded by Dean and old guitarist Mike after the release of the first album, all of which are the only studio recordings of these songs.

Luckily, I know a guy who knows a guy, and it looks like the band will be calling Lemon Session their new home. The second is a live recording from the second-to-last show, which just happened to be in beautiful Oakland during a wedding reception.

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