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Taking it a step forward, I think it is time to add another very useful arrow to my parenting quiver. I have been rethinking my parenting strategy over the last few days and have realised one very important thing.
The focus has to be on setting reasonable limits with understanding and compassion. Would I like being bossed around in my own house?
Despite the sleepless nights, dirty nappies and constant feeding, you are so enamoured by your baby that they can do no wrong in your eyes. One where you expect your child to listen to everything you say and do exactly as they are told.
If I am to keep my son's respect and trust as he is growing up, I have to choose my battles with care, starting now.
Give them responsibility, explain clearly and politely what is expected of them, and they will, more often than not, see the task through. Because one day, a few months ago, I did not once ask my son to hurry up or risk getting late for school. I geel so sorry for my eldest son as he really is my practice child and am so much better and understanding and picking my battles with my youngest than I ever was with him. I showed him the clock and explained that to reach school on time, we had to leave home before the big hand reached six. ReplyDeletegeorgina davies23 February 2016 at 16:16kids are defo way more clever than we give them credit for! Do leave your blog name (if you are a fellow blogger) so I can pop over for a read.If you liked reading this post, why not subscribe to my blog?
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He can spend hours getting ready for school in the morning, as long as we make it there on time. The frivolous little things will be overlooked in favour of more important issues that truly require parental intervention. While my oldest was never really a challenge for me as far as listening, my youngest was a born rebel, just like his mama LOL! I have definitely had to re-evaluate how much fight to give in certain situations over the years and I have actually used the same train of thought about keeping his respect as he gets older. I don't tolerate disrespect in my house but I also have to be willing to give my boys the same respect in return.
You do have to pick your battles and they learn the more responsibility that you give them.

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