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A University of Alabama psychologist with international success in modifying aggressive behavior in children is working with dozens of elementary schools to further gauge his program’s effectiveness in reducing substance abuse risks. Multiple studies, by Lochman and others, have repeatedly shown links between behavior problems in children and the increased risks of future substance abuse by those children. The program involves training the schools’ staff in techniques to assist the children and their parents. During group and individual sessions, held before or after school and during non-academic homeroom periods, the school staffs teach children multiple Coping Power techniques, including an emphasis on seeing other people’s perspective, improving social skills, alternatives to dealing with conflict, and the use of self-statements and relaxation and distraction techniques to deal with anger, Lochman said. In the program’s parental component, school staffs meet periodically with parents to discuss ways of improving parenting skills, including establishing age-appropriate rules and expectations for children, ways to reward children for displaying appropriate behavior, and discipline techniques. Certain parenting practices, including inappropriate discipline, particularly overly harsh discipline, are fundamentally linked to aggression in children, Lochman said. The 18-month program with the Birmingham area schools is paid for with part of a $4.9 million National Institute for Drug Abuse grant awarded to Lochman. Since 1990, Lochman has served as a member of the Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group and as a co-investigator with Fast Track prevention program, primarily funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health.
Testing of Lochman’s Coping Power program is underway in a similar manner in select Tuscaloosa City and Tuscaloosa County schools.

We align standardized tests--and the results of them--with achievement, intelligence, aptitude, and understanding. Over a decade ago, I watched in wide-eyed fascination narrated by the familiar lilt of The Nutcracker score, tucked into a ballet studio corner transfixed--the moment that stirs inspiration.
With summer lulling to a close, back-to-school time lurks around every pool day and long-forgotten summer reading assignment. It was the call to action heard 'round the Internet: Brandon Stanton, founder of the greatest thing online, Humans of New York, posted a series of photos about Mott Hall Bridge Academy, a small Brooklyn, NY middle school. Some people have always clung steadfastly to the belief that the simple lessons in life are the ones that tend to matter most. Photo credit: Oliver Endahl, Ballet Zaida in collaboration with Free People A body, soaked in sweat, in exhilaration, in the thrill of it. Once upon a time, a blonde bombshell with a sensitive streak found a kindred spirit; a soulmate, of sorts.
In one 1994 study, Lochman and a colleague found that 11-year-old boys who were described by their classmates as highly aggressive were using illegal substances and were engaged in crimes against persons at a significantly higher rate than were their non-aggressive peers, when all of the boys were followed up four years later, at age 15.
Parents also learn ways to support their children with their homework responsibilities and tips for solving conflict between siblings and within their families.

Co-investigators involved with Lochman in the Fast Track program are located at Duke University, Penn State University, the University of Washington and Vanderbilt University.
His behavior program has been published in English, Dutch and Spanish, and he has been recognized with an honorary doctorate awarded by Utrecht University in the Netherlands. To most people, Mondays are the back-to-the-grind day, a day of alarm clocks, deadlines and a slow start to the week. Who doesn't love someone willing to take the fate of the world, and themselves, by the reigns, who isn't afraid to steer and redirect and knock down the walls which hold whatever beast they must slay? As the weather changes and casting goes up, recent events make it evident that ballet is on the cusp of a change all its own.
Previous smaller-scale studies with children with aggressive behavior in two states and in the Netherlands indicate the program is effective in reducing delinquency and substance abuse rates among youth.

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