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My daughter literally started going through the terrible two’s the day after she turned 1.
HI, I AM A MOM OF 5 MY FRIST ONE WAS EASY COUSE IT WAS JUST HIM AND ME AND HIS DAD AND YES THE TERRIBLE TWO’S CAN BE A HANDFULL BUT I THINK IF YOU DONT MAKE TO MOUCH OF IT IT WILL PASS. Smart movie producers know that a sequel to a blockbuster film is the closest thing to free money in Hollywood.  The audience is “pre-sold” and even a mediocre film can make serious coin by trading on the name of the original. Okay, this is by no means the final word on sequel cars.  What’s your favorite second act?  What car deserves resurrection?
As for the Charger, I agree, 2 doors too many but have to disagree on the first iteration of the current Charger. The front, not so much, the side, kinda sorta, the rear, kinda sorta, if you just note the taillights, which kind of are reminiscent of the original twin round taillights of the ’68 charger.
Aspen should have stayed in the deepest pit of hell, not resurrected for a Chrysler version of the Dodge Durango. I was surprised that the Pentastar people resurrected the Aspen name, since the original Dodge Aspen was so reviled in its day. From what I’ve read, the Aspen would have been a decent vehicle had it been released in 2000 but by 2006 nobody wanted an overchromed, overweight gas hog with a cheap-looking smallish interior. THe super beetle was a desperate attempt to sell beetles, which by the early 70s were completely out of touch with modern vehicle requirements Most people have forgotten just how bad VWs really were, noisy, slow, uncomfortable, ill handling junk Vdubs were a constant joke on the roads the wave of nostalgia today masks just how unsaleable those really were in comparism to other cars of the era.
So glad you corrected the Super Beetle haters — it was a little awkward looking, but in terms of handling and utility it was truly a vast improvement (as was the type 3 before it).
By `1970 the VW Beetle was out of its depth compared to most other compact cars,practically anything was more advanced drove and performed better. Still I must admit, when I drove my first Rabbit (Golf Mk I) in ’76, it was truly a revelation.
Anyway, ahem back to cars, not a Detroit example but my favorite sequel is Supermarine Spitfire vs Triumph Spitfire.
That might have flown, had not there been REAL new thinking, the Corvair, selling right alongside it. David Letterman must have had a secret crush on her as she was on his show 3-5 times a year! Not that the 350 of the time was anything to brag about, but I’m pretty sure the 305 was only sold in California to meet the emissions standards. Terrible twos, terrific twos, tiring twos, tantrum twos, terrifying twos, the list goes on and on.

Every day my husband leaves for work I just get sad knowing what I’m going to have to deal with all day long while carrying around an extra 30 pounds as well.
Unless we are going with my mom somewhere, or my husband is with us, I do not dare leave the house on my own with him. I know this, I have had one already before this, but back then I worked and got breaks from her.
It’s basically a souped-up K-car complete with ridiculous amounts of torque steer, crappy brakes, and all the structural integrity of a pair of dollar store flip flops. For that matter, the Cordoba-based, badge-engineered mid-1970s models didn’t do the name much justice, either. Child safety seat laws, along with aging customers, simply make a coupe a tough sell in this market. Now if they’d made the design more obvious and placed the backup lights in more or less their original position, up top between the 2 round lenses although when you look at photos of the 68 Charger, the lights and backup lamps were slightly recessed at the top by a squared off section that housed the backup lamps. Horribly disappointing to this fan of the original, and BTW nowhere near as practical as a Golf. What it lacked in funky cachet it sure made up for in practicality and pure driving excitement on the rural back roads.
Not only are his tantrums getting worse, but he also refuses to eat, and the second you tell him no he does the complete opposite.
Not only am I anxious about the new baby and getting things ready for her, but pregnancy hormones are also not helping either.
The original Bronco had appeared in 1966 and over the years had morphed into a full size SUV that had an expensive unleaded gasoline habit.
The Magnum was a much better looking personal luxury car, and its styling better supported the heritage of the Charger nameplate.
The new Charger has very distinctive, aggressive styling, and it does stand out in the crowd.
Even though he is very polite, always says please and thank you and never has to be prompted to do so, he also screams at the drop of the hat.
I have red permenant marker all over my doors and  on two of my recliners downstairs, and my makeup has been ransacked twice. I seriously don’t know how some people have tons of kids one right after the other, but I now know why my Grandma only had two kids (my dad and aunt are less than a year a part in age). Tough as a $2 steak,durable ( I see the occasional one around here still in service) and very economical. His newest way of acting out is to immediately start crying with his hands over his eyes and then if not attended to right away he melts onto the floor face down.
I think that its name alluded to the fact that it was the more conventional choice for people that just couldn’t bring themselves to buy a Corvair.
The “terrible twos” can be a time when toddlers learn to assert their independence and want to make their own decisions.The “terrible twos” can start from as early as 16 months through to 3 years depending on a child’s personality and development. It takes all my strength most days not to knaw my arm off:o) The clincher is after crying and throwing herself around for a few hours.

Also, it had a rough- as- a- cobb 4 cylinder available at a time when they were rare in Detroit. Their speech is still developing and they can become very frustrated because they have limited vocabulary and communication skills to express themselves, particularly in the midst of a challenging moment. She has one of the funniest and greatest personalities and we can have some really really good days but those bad days sure can take a toll on you. Some children can have trouble working something out or completing a specific task.At other times frustration can be triggered by disappointment, boredom or even jealousy.
They also want to be independent and are eager to carry out a task completely on their own and in their own way. Some children become skilled negotiators from a very early age and will try to control and manipulate a situation to make it more beneficial for them.When a child is in the middle of a tantrum, parents can occasionally lose patience and it becomes difficult to work together as a team and support one another.
When the “terrible twos” begin, both parents need to communicate together regarding boundaries and discipline.
As parents you need to figure out what technique you are going to use and what will work best for your child. Always acknowledge good behavior with positive praise, for example “well done”, “thank you for your help”, “great job” etc. As adults, we do not react well to negative actions or words and children are exactly the same.As children become older, tantrums can become a “learned behavior” if parents concede to the outbursts.
This can occur if tantrums are rewarded by giving in to what a child wants or what a child wants to do.The best advice I can offer is to stay calm, confident and positive.
For example if your child is teething on a particular day, you know they may be “out of sorts”.
Avoid difficult situations such as going to the supermarket if you know your child will be tired and it should be nap time.
Having a routine and being consistent with feeding and nap times are all hugely beneficial. Through sign-language your child can let you know if they are hungry, thirsty, tired or in pain. Try to arrange events, visits or outings when they can be scheduled to fit in with your child’s meal or nap times. Children love getting a hug and thrive on being told how proud you are of them, how well behaved they are and also how helpful they can be.
The best way to respond to a tantrum is to ignore it, stay calm and in control and don’t give in, as you may unintentionally teach your child that tantrums are the way to, not only get what they want but also when they want it.All parents recognize that children are not born with a manual.
It is our responsibility as parents to become the teachers and guide them through life until they become adults themselves.

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