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Despite having twin toddlers, I wasn’t very worried about the “terrible twos,” mainly because I didn’t think anything could be worse than infancy. The terrible twos came in with a bang – my daughter Allie banging her mouth on our coffee table and knocking two teeth up into her gums. Nap time was the first casualty, changing from an essential time for me to get things done to a nightmarish experience even Supernanny wouldn’t tackle.
I would love to say that Allie’s terrible-twoness disappeared as rapidly as it appeared, but it was more like a gradual exorcism. I’m 69 and past those poopy diapers, thank the powers that be, but loved your story since it brought back memories of life with my three little girls.
His terrible two’s ended after he had a fierce 20 minute tantrum (which I ignored with all my willpower for 19 min) and I got on the floor and had a tantrum mimicking him. One of the best things about parenting today is that you’re never alone with a laptop by your side. We provide information,and support to families and professionals and we are committed to driving change to ensure that people with severe learning disabilties whose behaviour is described as challenging and their families can live happy and active lives in their community with access to healthcare, employment, leisure and education.
We believe that family carers should be supported in their role, and that professionals should view families as experts on their relative and work in partnership with them to ensure that they receive good quality, local support. Five years ago I had the privilege of being asked to set up and facilitate a Circle for Niki. Josie is 16 years old and has severe learning disabilities, epilepsy and challenging behaviour.
When my son was small I could only take him to playgrounds in the rain as I knew they would be empty. Balwinder talks about how she got good support for her daughter, Mindy, with the support of the CBF. My toddlers were sweet and well behaved, and I was naive enough to think they wouldn’t change. Allie had always liked her naps, because her crib was the only place she was allowed to have her pacifier.

Every day she insisted on wearing what she called her “Puppa Dwess” — a garishly embroidered purple peasant dress my brother had bought her in Mexico. When the weather became so cold that I insisted she wear a sweatshirt, she actually asked me to take it off, and agreed to wear a new long-sleeve lavender dress. Now that my two sons are teenagers, my wife and I look back and think that we would do it all over again and wouldn’t take anything for our children.
It’s like they dislocate their shoulders (without doing themselves harm) and become slippery at the same time.
I have an 11 year old son, either he wasn’t a little devil (doubtful) or I permanently blocked out the terrible two’s!
Someone somewhere has had a kid take up fecal finger painting, or humiliated their parent with a tantrum and a wet noodle in the middle of the mall.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We provide support networks to enable families to share experiences with other families who have been in your shoes.
When fellow moms shared stories about their 2-year-old hell-spawns, I’d nod sympathetically while thinking, “Not gonna happen to me!” And of course, when you indulge in that kind of thinking, karma pays you back tenfold. The night of the tooth accident, the binky was taken away, and with it went my good little girl. Some days I think it would be wonderful to have more children and then some days I read stories like this!
I had read about these kids who insist on dressing themselves, and I’d always thought their parents must be weak-willed, inadequate disciplinarians. Getting Allie out of the house didn’t help, either, because it was difficult to get her to do something she didn’t want to.
But Allie continued to sabotage naptime by refusing to sleep and by dirtying as many Pull-Ups as possible, often three in one naptime. By then, it was merely a reminder of the time me and my little blond angel went to hell and back.

The trials and tribulations that come along with being a parent makes it all worth that much more in the end.
One out of every five diapers in the package had Elmo on the front, so you can imagine how this demand was received. That afternoon I bought a video monitor, so I could watch Allie while still trying to get things done.
But now I had learned the truth: there is no keeping clothing on a toddler who wants it off. If she didn’t want to leave, she’d do the dreaded “wet noodle” move and slip out of my arms, or the “stiff as a board” move so I couldn’t get her into the stroller or car.
I truly believe that she willfully held in poo so that I would have to change her three times within an hour.
My son cruised through the 2′s like a dream but Charlotte on the other hand is another story. When you finally sit down for the first time since you became a parent and realize that your children are grown and no longer need you as much as they did back in the day, it has a way of tugging at your heart. On the tiny monitor she looked like an angel, her blond hair a shiny platinum, except she was bouncing around shouting, “Poo-poo diaper! Not to mention I had another 2-year-old in tow who was sleep-deprived because his twin sister had destroyed nap time. We truly miss those diaper days, the late night feedings and the never ending temper tantrums. It’s better than handing your teenager the car keys and asking what time are they planning on coming home.

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