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I am going to do all I can to be prepared, which brings me to some advice I was recently given to assist us through this rather challenging age. Choice Language – for example, when approaching the child about their not so good behavior you would do it like this… “(child’s name), we do not throw things in this house. You are supposed to select what means the most to them and allow them to choose to loose it or not. We have been using these techniques for a couple of weeks now and have seen some improvements but were also told it could take a while as the child has to get used to the parent reacting differently than they used to.
I am constantly searching the net and blogs for different types of parenting advice for teens and tweens and other stuff.

She is passionate about the Quirky Momma FB Community and can be found on live broadcasts throughout the day! If they choose to loose their privileges then you take it away for one day (obviously this depends on the seriousness of the choice) and tell them that it is ok because they get another chance tomorrow. I know I am not the only parent that is going through these challenges and if it works me it very well could possibly work for you too! She believes that you shouldn't have to buy stuff to have fun when there is a kitchen junk drawer full of possibilities.
Not only is this “tween” pushing every limit possible but he is experiencing life-altering changes at the very same time.

You can choose to (bad choice) or (good choice) – if you choose to continue with (bad choice) then you are choosing to loose your ______  & ______.
There is puberty, new friends, cell phone, new school, we recently moved, g-i-r-l-s, dances, deodorant, cologne, brand name clothes, the list goes on and on.
You should say it all to them very matter-of-factly, almost like you do not care because it is up to them if they loose their stuff or not.

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