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He still has moments where he is my gorgeous boy but mostly his behaviour is totally ghastly.
Just in case atrocious 3 year old begins a surprise mega meltdown, keep your earplugs to hand at all times. For those days where raising your voice at the monster seems to be a regular occurence, strepsils can help to soothe the scratchy throat it causes.
It's like a nightmare - you wake up one morning to discover that your beautiful, angelic little baby has overnight become a terrible, tantrum-throwing toddler. Really booze of any kinds, and of course, im recognition that there are some tea-totallers out there substitute with chocolate or any alternative that will numb the trauma.
However be warned you may possess a smart kid who double bluffs you and rejects any bribery.

So if the drink, earplugs, and bribery don’t work, keep your passport up to date and you can always run away.
My name is Lindsey and I am the voice behind 101thingstodowithkids!Lindsey KettleI am the mummy of 2 little monsters! Whilst some toddlers are more difficult than others, they all go through this stage to a certain degree. And as for the Terrible Twos, well that's a huge misnomer - some children enter this phase as early as 14 months! Toddler tantrums are one way for young children to test their boundaries and assert their independence.
They are also an important means of communication for young children who do not have the vocabulary to talk about how they are feeling.

Whilst your child can't expect to always get their own way, it is a good time to introduce the idea of compromise. Remember also that something which works for one child may not necessarily work for another.

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