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Who could’ve envisioned this sort of future when David, a banking and real estate attorney, got to know Sarah, oil and gas, through a study group they attended. It all started with Drew watching a Stanley Cup Final with his dad at a young age and wanting to learn how to skate. It became the family pastime as the rest of the brothers discovered an equal passion — first with Nick and then Quentin.
Meanwhile, they were trying to keep track of Los Angeles games — Nick is a forward for the Kings — and get updates on Drew, who’s currently with the Stockton Heat of the American Hockey League. So are these: Quentin helping a talented Denver squad to their first Frozen Four since 2005. Drew led Denver to three straight NCAA Tournament appearances, but fell short of reaching the Frozen Four.
And while he never played on the same Pioneers squad as Drew, Quentin did play alongside Nick for one season, with the brothers scoring a combined 24 goals.
Drew, 25, and Nick, 23, had illustrious careers for the Pioneers before embarking on pro campaigns. Drew quickly picked it up — even went through the Pioneer youth program — and instantly was hooked on hockey.
There’s a fourth brother, too, Baker, a 16-year-old who was actually offered a scholarship by Denver as a ninth grader.
Growing up, they would play street hockey for hours in their cul-de-sac, with one of them the designated goalie and the others firing shots on him. He skipped his senior season to sign with the Florida Panthers, a team that picked him in the second round of the 2009 draft. He had a goal and an assist in a 6-3 win over Ferris State that secured Denver’s place in the Frozen Four.
Louis Blues forward Paul Stastny catches as many games as he can of his former team, appreciating the play of the Shore clan over the years. Rains the last few days combined with the cooler temps should have the fish in a feeding mood. I did see one HUGE largemouth bass come to the shore and snack onone of those stunted gills. If you plan on doing any trout fishing in the area-- go early and go late or don't go at all. Thanks to Sandy at the Treasures of Oley for allowing us to use her wine and gift shoppe for the class.

It is stocked by the state, but does have a nice population of wild brown trout swimming in it. Fished the Bottoms Down emerger in the deeper pockets and managed to hook 2 real nice stocker rainbows. The creek was tight and a challenge to fish, but it was certainly a great day 2Bonthewater. Nymph wise, fishing a tandem of a pink larva lace worm with a pheasant tail dropped off the bend should get you into some fish. If you like to sitin your favorite chair and just chill out--- carpin' and catfishing shouldprovide some solid action for you. Local hotspots this weekend: Maiden Creek, Ontelaunee Lake, Trout Run Reservoir, Manatawny Creek, Tulpehocken Creek, Green Lane Reservoir, Deep Creek Lake, Perkiomen Creekand the Schuylkill River.
I have not downloaded them onto the computer, as I know---thequality will not be there.My Olympus Camera has finally said no more.
RIP--that camera has served me well.A April 24, 2012Well, spent a few hours chasing some wild trout. Then I moved my way upstream, landing 2 browns in short order, then I noticed another yellow bug.
It made my kids smile and gave us a great family moment when my son asked: what does it eat? I know I have plenty going on inmy life and concentrating is hard, but my goodness-- I don't think I have ever had a dry spell like this.
I waited and waited, nothing happened.I even made an effort to stop at a likely spot for fish taking spent spinners.
Fished a deeper pool and had the fish swiping at emergers.If you could find a riser that would NOSE your dry fly-- the fly was switched to a weightless Pheasant Tail and the fish would swipe at that.
A caddis skittering about on the water was dead meat after only a few feet of staying on the water. The kids had fun--but the wind was brutal.A April 11-- Did some scouting on Manatawny Creek for tomorrow.
Even found a very nice sized fish who swiped at a caddis dryand followed a skittered caddis shoreline to shoreline. We hit a Class A stream and found that the water was low, the wind was ripping and the trout really didn't want to play.
It was awesome to watch them try to escape the water as they tried to reach land so that they could dry their wings.

I believe I have seen, little black quills, black quill gordons, spring blue quills, quill gordons, a few caddis, BWOs, little black and little brown stoneflies. Landed a few trout on smaller pheasant tails, copper johns or midges fished under a bobber. This is the gentleman who created my prior bamboo rod that was broken by my father while fishing for wild brown trout. So, the sun was out and the second my rugrat was on the bus --I was down the road to fish some Class A waters in search of brown trout willing to take a dry fly on my newBamboo fly rod. Soon the ice will be a few inches thick and it willbe game on.I really miss not having aShowdownDigital Fish Finder. I ventured downstream and left the best water to the Old Top who showed up 5 minutes after I did. As I made my way back to the best water, fisherman number 2 decided to make a dash to the head of the pool--thanks big guy !
I made a few attempts to fish some midges deep and again my offerings went without a nibble. I figured, the only chance I had at landing a trout on this side of the river was with my spinning rod, stickbaits or the pink worm. So, now we have 4 anglers in a very small area, not what I had imagined for my day of fishing. I didn't see Old Top land a fish, but I can guarantee that during the time I was downstream fishing, this dude landed a fish or two.
We have been getting some cold nights that would help start the ice making process, but then we have warm days and some rain.
Best guess would be late January to early February as to when we might get some safe ice.But, the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if we couldn't get on the ice until aroundthe middle of February.
If you plan on doing any trout fishing in the area-- go early and go late or don't go at all.
If you like to sitin your favorite chair and just chill out--- carpin' and catfishing shouldprovide some solid action for you.

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