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Si tu nino esta en el proceso de dejar los panales o va a comenzar, es necesario que te informes de toda la ayuda que dispones para lograr esta meta. Es importante que tengas en cuenta que, ensenarle a tu hijo a ir al bano es un gran logro y esto va a marcar el camino a que el se convierta en un nino grande.
Make up a potty dance with the goal of celebrating your child's successes and give him an incentive to continue with the process. Here's an image I think is a good replacement for the current page image for Potty Emergency. I understand that there was an IP thread earlier for this trope, but that didn't really go anywhere. I prefer to keep the image currently on Potty Emergency instead of moving it to Potty Dance, because the image there is already in the "dance" stage while the current on Potty Emergency isn't yet. The text to the suggestion doesn't add a lot, and given that the pose is a little weaker there, the visuals are worse. I still believe my image is better, but we must, we may have to go for "Keep Until Better Image Suggested". So in other words, you agree with me that the current is better, since it was me who used that argument?

I'd look for examples but googling the words "Bathroom" and "lemonade" on a work computer seems like the worst idea.
TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. So, I have nothing wrong with the current image up now, but does anyone have a better quality image of it?
The image is really important to explaining this trope since it's basically 100% visual, so I'm loathe to pull it without a new one to replace it.
The episode of Family Guy called "Road to the Multiverse" has Brian and Stewie travel to a dimension where EVERYONE is constantly under the effect of this trope. The dog and Wakko's new pictures are pretty good, although the wall art picture gave me a 403 Forbidden.
It's alright for Image Links fodder, but there are others here that would work better for the page. See, I draw a definite distinction between the Potty Dance pose and the Groin Attack pose, namely that when people are hit in the groin, they tend to crouch way down and curl up in a fetal position with their legs together, whereas the Potty Dance tends to involve that slightly hunched, hands-at-groin, knees-together-with-feet-spread stance that most of the pics clearly show.
This is why I think it would be clever to use (or find, if the wall art at post n°18, or the girl banging at the WC stalls don't cut it enough) a pic where the toilet clues are present.

If an image looks like a Groin Attack, that's because a Potty Dance might look like a Groin Attack.
Su proposito radica en hacer que los ninos vayan al bano de manera divertida, introduciendo musica y movimiento, a su vez incita a los padres a bailar y participar con sus hijos al son del potty dance.
The character in the suggested image looks more like she's realizing that she left the oven on, not having a potty emergency.
But there are some examples of Groin Attack that blur the line and don't go down the fetal position you describe. That said, I agree that we've been relying way too much on wordy comic strips lately, and that less text is very desirable.
The others may look like Groin Attack or someone who got a punch in the stomach (with maybe the exception of the dog pic), as Helterskelter pointed out for the Wakko pic. Best way to differentiate this from that is by showing the character surrounded by running water, etc, making it worse.

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