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Potty training my older daughter Rosie was such an intimidating task and one I had been dreading and avoiding. Once I knew Rosie was ready (and I got over my own hesitations and was ready to tackle the task at hand) we had to prepare. As soon as we got to our destination, I took Rosie to the potty to show her where it was and talk to her about using it while out.
Watch potty training advice videos on starting out with your child and beginning toilet training progress.
For children who are in nappies full time, those outfits are just fine, but when a child begins toilet training, it is time to put them in the back of the closet or pass them on to friends or the local charity shop. Tip: "If we're at home and no one is there or coming over, the kids can run around in their T-shirts and undies.
At childcare or when out and about, dress your child in clothes that are easy to pull up and down. This app is great because it features videos and songs and a BIG KID checklist to help your little one with their potty training endeavor. Even her daughter, who is in year one, refuses to wear overalls or any outfit that is too complicated to take off quickly.
Day 2 was all about learning to recognize when she was first feeling the sensation that she needed to go potty so that she could make it in time.
Thanks for your great resources and information, it really has helped Addy and us through the long difficult night time phase quickly and easily! This stool can be used once your child is ready to stand at the toilet (boys) or just to get on the toilet (girls). You already know that I am 100% behind using potty seats and step stools for potty training boys but what about potty chairs? I hope this small anecdotal article is helpful in distinguishing between buying a potty seat or a potty chair for boys and girls. There has recently been a lot of news about a mom in Utah who allowed her toddler to use a potty seat while sitting in a restaurant. Take our advise and use a travel potty seat from Ginsey Industries…and keep #2 something that is reserved for the bathroom only! There are a few things to consider when selecting kids potty seats because there are many types of potty seats available. In case you don’t know a potty chair is a little seat about the height of a step stool. We also make a number of travel potty seats that collapse to fit into a diaper bag or medium sized purse. There couldn’t be a better time to buy a folding potty seat because if you like our facebook page today, you will receive a 15% off coupon! Teaching your little princess to go to the bathroom can be quite tedious if you are not prepared. The Minnie Mouse potty seat is sure to provide a more comforting experience for any child that may feel uneasy about using a real toilet.
There were several other readiness signs listed as I was researching and preparing to begin potty training.

It is important that your child know what is coming and that they will be potty training in the near future. Click for potty training videos with tips and advice to help you & your child through their potty training journey.
Gradually expand the time wearing underwear As your child becomes more confident and comfortable wearing undies, add additional practice time until your child is wearing them all day. Children will be more willing to go to the potty or toilet if they are confident they can undress with confidence. She seems to think that she knows just about everything and insists that she knows everything about potty training. She knows that once she gets potty trained she can wear her Big Girl Underwear everyday and that motivates her.
We tried everything, but all of a sudden the idea of being Mr Dry-pants was way to exciting. Potty chairs are a great way to introduce any child to the toilet, but I think they are a much better option for little girls. These travel potty seats fold into a very compact unit that feats neatly and most importantly discreetly into your purse, diaper bag, or pocket.
I will briefly outline my experiences with various potty seats and let you draw you own conclusions.
We manufacture most if not all of the Sesame Street potty seats sold in the big box stores and on the Internet.
Potty seats are usually made of hard plastic and can often times feature a cushioned top made of either plastic encased foam or air filled plastic. From a playful Dora the Explorer potty seat to a thrilling Spider Man potty seat, Ginsey has a soft, cushy potty seat that will make any child’s bathroom experience better. Learning to use a toilet is a scary experience for most toddlers, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily has to be for your child! We manufacture every one of our travel potty seats and sell them through a large distribution network including but not limited to: Target, Walmart, Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Bed Bath and Beyond, Buy Buy Baby and many other fine retailers. Click here for our expert potty training videos for the last stage of your child's learning progress. Since we first announced that we were teaming up with Pull-Ups and Mom Central for a campaign where they sent us samples and a promotional item as a thank you, a lot has progressed. In cooler weather, tracksuit pants or other pants with an elasticised waist are a favourite choice for toilet training children.
I also bought her a pack of Big Girl Princess underwear that she likes to slip on over her Pull-Ups. I am a father of two little boys and I definitely side with the potty seat crowd, but keeping in mind the fact that my kids are boys. Girls do not stand when they pee (obviously) so a step stool is only beneficial once a girl has learned to go into the bathroom, put down the seat that brother left up, mount the toilet and do her business. If the potty training mom in Utah has one of our travel seats she could easily have taken her child to the restroom, unfolded the travel seat and allowed her child to make #2 in a sanitary and private way. My son is pretty big for his age so we encountered some interesting obstacles when he was being potty trained.

My wife was opposed to this form of potty training because she didn’t like the idea of cleaning up poop from yet another surface.
The parent is responsible for emptying the potty char’s reservoir into the actual toilet. We manufacture all of our potty seats ourselves and we have licensed brands from Disney, Nick Jr, Marvel, Graco, Sesame Street, Pixar and more. Enthuse her the next time she gets ready to use the toilet with the Minnie Mouse potty seat so she is calmer when the time comes to get down to business. Just click on the link in the top right corner of this blog site to take advantage of this promotion.
For more info make sure you check out the Pull-Ups website and find them on Twitter or Facebook. Sign up here to get daily emails that are rich with ideas featuring Amazon Deals, frugal, financial, and parenting tips, meal planning ideas, freezer meal cooking and more!When I potty-trained my oldest child this year, I wanted him to know he was completely done with diapers and only wearing underwear now. It took 2 weeks of mostly dry nights to overcome the problem and I give this song all the credit. Without getting into the obvious differences between the two sexes, I can say that my boys used the potty seat for making #2 but never used it for making pee pee. I understand that but some of my friends, especially those with petite little girls have had great success with a potty chair. We used the foam cushioned seat for #2 and we uses the Sesame Street step stool for making #1 and it worked well…Until he relapsed!
We have a number of bath items that feature Elmo exclusively including: Elmo bath mats, Elmo faucet covers, Elmo tub Treads and more! Most potty seats can be stored by hanging them on a hook or placing them behind the toilet. If you ask me a potty seat is the way to go, but a potty chair is a nice option for very small potty trainers who can’t reach the big toilet. You can now buy potty seats with your child’s favorite characters on them directly from the manufacturer.
When it comes to toilet training, simple and easy to put on and off clothes outrank cute and adorable. You may not want to clean poop out of a potty chair so you may want to make the decision that the potty chair id for making #1 and the big potty is for #2, as most kids need help for #2 in the beginning anyway.
That is probably why the mom in Utah took her potty training seat to the restaurant in the first place. The best clothes a child can wear during the toilet training process are the ones that are easiest to take off quickly.
We wish we know the name of the mom who did this so we could show her a great alternative to letting your toddler go #2 at the dinner table.
Thanks to the Elmo potty seat and a Sesame Street step stool my son is fully potty trained today.

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