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Guys my update today got delayed, because when I was in the middle of writing it, I got called in to work.
Shearwater, the old house on the hill near the beach, hadn't had a resident since its last occupant, the science-fiction novelist Maggie Plumb, passed away many years earlier. Sierra enjoyed the peace and quiet as she sought to make the place her sanctuary - purchasing a chemistry set, a telescope, and, of course, exercise equipment.
A brief recap for those who are just joining or returned after I started posting: Sierra was the third-born of Savannah Jolina-Plumb and her husband's 5 biological children. When she wasn't out tomb raiding or ghost hunting, she was writing best-selling books about her experiences.
Savannah did not become a significant part of Sierra's life until just before she went to college - which, by the way, was a full year and a half before her peers, thanks to a special program at Fort Starch.
Making the house even more perfect was, she was living right next door to her older brothers, AJ and Imsety, in their bachelor pad. For all her geeky bonafides, her favorite thing to to was still going outside and throwing the football.
By the time Sierra would start her job, her strangeness was already grist for the town gossip mill.
That's even worse, I hate that, the rules should apply to everybody, if they didn't get fired you shouldn't have been. Feeling that her art skills have started to become rather rusty, Raquelle decides to brush them up a little bit through painting.
When her hand finally gets tired of holding the paintbrush, she stops for a little while in order to answer a phone call from her mom who is checking up on her. The next morning, Raquelle wakes up at around 6:00 in the morning, unable to sleep any longer. Even though she is not VERY dirty, she still takes a shower as her hair needs to be washed. She finishes her bathroom routine by washing her hands with the new citrus hand soap that she got along with the rest of the bath set she got from Savannah on her 21st birthday. She takes care not to spill syrup on her clothes as she eats her breakfast, a small part of her wishing she had someone she could share breakfast time with at least. After breakfast, Raquelle plants herself in front of her easel once more and continues with her painting. Raquelle wants to detonate an object, so she heads to the nearby junkyard to fulfill that wish by blowing up a broken down grill before inviting her friend, Betty to The Boardwalk to ride the rollercoaster. The two of them enjoy the scariest coaster in the park, although Betty doesn't seem to enjoy it as much and is glad when the ride is over.
Raquelle and Betty settle down at the video game table while waiting for their clothes to dry a little bit from getting wet on the ride.
Getting bored with the game, the two best friends head for the other side of the park to ride the carousal. Author's Note: I found out that Betty Simovitch is actually Betty Newbie from The Sims 2 series!
Right before leaving, Raquelle proves her everlasting friendship by scaring Betty, because, as we all know, real friends scare because they care. After Betty leaves, Raquelle calls up Dallas and invites him to lunch at one of the small local diners.
Once they're finished eating, the two of them head to the small lounge in town, but as it doesn't open for another few minutes, the two of them hang out outside where Dallas presents her with some flowers. Before leaving the karaoke bar, the two of them join Constance Shelley in a game of Dominos. The two of them head to the strip mall where Raquelle buys a few recipe books so that she can learn how to cook a few new meals.
Trigger proves to be very good at this sport and it's clear that he's done this often before.
It's a good thing that sims can't get nosebleeds or really crack their teeth or else I'd be more worried about Raquelle as she seems to fall a lot. Yes, Royce, I'll remember that whenever you come crying to me because you want a girlfriend! I'm now sending Diana out to yell at and insult the former romantic interests, then ask them to leave. Oh, yeah, I noticed your other update when I posted my comments, and was planning to return to it later, rather than edit my post. I don't like having my sims go off the lot where there is more than one in the family, because the family member(s) left behind never do what I leave them doing.
I wonder if the game is programmed to send sims with common traits to meet your sims where they might get romantically involved.
Oh, I don't mind a few negative traits in sims, but there are some I won't tolerate, and evil is one of them. I can see they are comfortable enough with each other to feel free to give each other a hard time. No, like I said before, Raquelle doesn't need to be friends with a jerk like Billy Caspian.
I don't really like the looks of the guys with the muscle sliders all the way to the top, but Niko's so perfect for Diana, and he's handsome, other than being too bulky, so I had to get her together with him.

Yes, I'm rooting for AJ and Alexandra to be together, and it was so touching to see that he seems to feel the same way as she does. MayaRose1138-I usually just remove my Sims 3 folder to test new expansion packs before putting it back while leaving a 7zip compressed copy in case I had a problem and had to uninstall because the new pack was faulty.Great update! Colorist40-Cory was throwing up for a few days even when she didn't eat spoiled food and she's eaten spoiled food with flies around it and not gotten sick so it's pregnancy and she's 240 hours in. That being said with all of these things babies for me need some adjustments i think can work with their current design and make them more appealing if dev's would like to hear me out about it.
Objects sets are buymode objects that have to be placed together and expand on another object to create a series of interactions that have to do with those object sets. All of these things can be interlocked and trigger one big object of use associated with the crib. I feel this will become profitable to EA in the format that they can sell this as a Game Pack to players. Equally you can also add a little mobile that will come out in sleep mode and spin around for baby at night.
Equally the toddler life stage can be a bit funny because children advance and grown differently.
Those babies grew to be very heavy toddlers so i couldn't carry them around at 2 anymore and they were walking long before 2 anyway.
GreenXen did point out that players that do the legacy challenges don't like this particular skill.
Now that is the first stage of potty training and at this time no i was not carrying my kids around they could already climb up on things, climb into things, climb over things.
Any way we got through this stage fairly well I did have a late bloomer and that's to be expected again every child is different and goes at their own pace.
I still read with my toddlers, played with them, drew pictures, they had toys, they learned.
I bent down to give my toddlers kisses and hugs( they literally where to heavy for me to lift).
Bath time still can happen and little toddler sims can climb into the tub as animation with mom and dad holding their hand or bending over helping. Just wanted to add my thoughts on how Ea could go about this and not deprive those who enjoy the toddler lifestage of actually raising them. Also i think another idea for players who want to get through skilling toddlers fast is to bring back Smart Milk as well! It really does feel like there is too big of a jump between the baby and child stage right now. Secondly, not having to carry the toddlers around does seem to overcome a hurdle that the developers said they were having. Third, I get the impression that the developers were getting feedback that potty-training was not fun for many players.
Having pre-schoolers would mean they could get into different kinds of trouble -- mommy's makeup, pots and pans, trying to get things out of the fridge, coloring on the walls, pulling stuff out of waste baskets, etc. I guess I never saw this age difference as as big of a deal as some people do (in The Sims), and had just assumed that if the developers were having trouble with the carrying animation, they would come up with an early lifestage that didn't require it. I think there are multiple ways to achieve that using the toddler, pre-schooler, or hybrid model. I am just not for the whole we remove something because one group doesn't like it while others do. Again that happens when people aren't catching on to the motives in time and i know a lot of times miss the chance to potty train. Or we can look at it this way how would legacy players feel if ea removed their challenge of making 100 babies from the game and limited them down to 10 per save and then forced them to start a new save. The other problem as i saw it with sims 3 has a lot of players like collecting the sims 3 skill books for toddlers. That leads me strongly to support their return, and equally have them transition to preschooler where they gain more interactions and fun things. I like all these ideas greenxen as well an i think it does add a depth of character too the toddlers.
Ok so working on the premise of more the 3 to 4 year old age group as opposed to 1 to 3 which is more what toddlers are in 2 and 3, why couldn't they read to them like they do the older kids now?
Thinking along those lines, perhaps they could add playing with blocks on the floor or an activity table like in the past, but use the same animations for both preschoolers and children. They could add a swing, and push on swing interaction, and again, preschoolers and children could both use the same animations. I would love if the activity table allowed you to hang up their drawings on the wall again. Sounds like you're probably better off somewhere that appreciates you more anyway, but that doesn't really make losing a job like that any easier. She's rather surprised, but pleased as it reminds her of when she would play videogames with her brother and cousin, Charlie whenever she was younger.
Raquelle's father and plumbot, Chloe are also there enjoying the ride, as well as a few other sims that Raquelle doesn't know including a tourist from France. It's actually a fairly warm summer day and the hottub feels so wonderful, the bubbles feel good against their aching muscles.

As the Sims 3 is pretty much a prequel in regards to the stories of all the premade sims, she is the mother of the future Brandi Broke and the future wife of Bob Newbie!
Raquelle is surprised, but accepts him as they're her favorites in both flower type and color as well.
She is quick to notice their matching shirts, which she finds rather cute and funny at the same time. Because of Raquelle's high athletic skill, she doesn't struggle as much as she thought she would, although the bow is quite heavy. I don't know what parent thinks all toddlers at the age of 2 are potty trained, I tell you now every child on this planet is different. That was also a very good tool you could use and i think players having more options to them to adjust that play is much better for them. The biggest thing I want out of the toddler stage is the ability to influence future behavior. The opportunity to quickly form strong bonds with parents and siblings, as toddlers often do with their caretakers.
They should be okay to add the animations, just in smaller format lol and maybe still a bit of toddling over. It would be a new animation (from what I remember anyway) BUT one that could be used with both groups, so they could still be recycling.
Now whether they will catch on to this idea in time or if they are already working on toddlers and we get them, then that is great too!
Even though these complaints are clearly lies and I have witnesses saying that I've never been rude or discourteous, both of my bosses must follow the procedure and put the residents first.
The fact that they would fire me without even giving me a chance to clear my name is pure plum. After pocketing her tazer and her pepper spray, as just a precaution, she heads over to his small house. Raquelle finds it ironic that one guy she knows is a Criminal and now this guy is a Police Officer. Dallas leaves half an hour later to go to work and Raquelle heads to the coffee shop to meet with another prospective date, although part of her doesn't want to. He surprises her by asking her to join him at the Archery Range, which isn't what Raquelle expected, but she gladly accepts. In humans this stage is a cornerstone of development and many of the behavioral patterns and skills learned here will influence future behavior. Short attention spans, heightened curiosity, and limited understanding of the world around them makes for some funny interactions. The kids could look through books like they did in 3, and perhaps they could play with a child's easel and do fingerpainting or painting. But maybe even IF they have started working on the toddlers, some of these ideas are still applicable to extend things, and to do it easily.
This means that if a resident complains, they're basically obligated to follow through even if the employee has done nothing wrong. I don't think here they would be able too (not totally sure though) but I guess it can depend on area and industry and stuff.
Once they age up, the seat becomes an option, so players can get the experience at least once and then avoid it at their leisure thereafter.
I want toddlers who are read to frequently to learn skills from books faster and perform better in school.
I would like it if you could randomly (or not randomly) make it so toddlers have an affinity for certain types of toys or activities, which might subtly influence how players decide to assign personalities or proceed with encouraging development. And, I’d like to see if you can’t improve on that as you have with the child life stage in Sims 4.
It could be a container of legos or wooden blocks or tinker toys or something, then you put the container down where you want them to play, and they both play together. Personally, I think this isn't right and that they should have gotten the story from me before they decided to terminate me and I tried to tell them that, but all they said was "We understand, but it's procedure. I've been working there for about four years and the other staff members have gotten multiple complaints and they're still working there.
I think the lego-like, snap together objects sounds neat if they can do it, and fits in with the Sims being a creative and constructive tool. Pre-schoolers are more mobile and have more motor coordination than toddlers, which opens them up to some new interactions like finger-painting, doing jigsaw puzzles, riding tricycles, playing nursery games like simon says and duck, duck, goose, and so on. I want toddlers who eat good meals in the toddler chair to have an easier time keeping off weight. Yet, this is the only time this has happened to me and I was terminated just like that with no second or third chances. And if they can't figure out toddlers, these ideas are a great idea for them to implement instead to calm people down, as well as an honest conversation as to why they couldn't really do it otherwise.

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