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Potty training isn't for the faint of heart, but moms of sons may be in for a tougher time than those with daughters: Experts agree that boys tend to take longer to toilet train than girls.
But don't worry if your son still hasn't mastered the art of using the toilet, he'll eventually get the hang of it. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I had lunch yesterday with one of my fellow SAHDs, and among the many subjects that we talked about was potty training, especially because I have been jubilantly posting a lot about it on my Facebook page. I told him that I have found 5 things that were really helpful to my wife and, as well as my son, and that I don’t claim to have superior knowledge on the subject, I only know what my wife and I discovered as we navigated our way through this adventure.
At this point I have been using cloth diapers for nearly 2 years with my son, and now my daughter, and you can read about it here (and here).
Once we started getting more regular peepees in the potty my son no longer wanted to wear pants around the house as they would serve to cover his undies, which he had worked so hard for.
As we progressed toward using the big boy potty I installed a Mayfair Nextstep on our toilet.
One of the things I was surprised by is how much kids talk with each other about what they are doing. Because of this, we make it a point to talk to my son’s friends that are potty training about using the potty and showing them his undies (the top of them) to help motivate them as well.
We started potty training our son at about 18 months, following his cues, and had great success until his sister was born and then we took a month off (which is typical), again following his cues. PS: In the interest of full disclosure, while sitting on my couch writing this my son has been sitting next to me typing on his keyboard wearing his Empire Strikes Back pajama top and Spider-Man undies and has asked to go peepee 3 times.
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Potty training toddlers isn’t an easy task, but it can be less of a hassle when you have the right potty chair for your child. Below you’ll find a potty chair with steps to fit your needs, potty seats with stool combos, potty seats for the toilet, and step stools to go along with a potty seat.
If the potty seats above are too generic or not what you’re looking for, you may prefer a potty seat and step stool combo for your toddler. If you have a potty seat that fits on the toilet, these stools are perfect to help your child get on it by themselves. Erin CardoneFargo Step Parenting ExaminerErin is an educator, coach, and soon-to-be step-mother of two children. Smart parenting: A technology diet for toddlers and preschoolersTechnology is here to stay.
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Pick a convenient time to start– Since you will need to devote your entire day (and several following days)to Potty Training you will have to make sure you start on a day that you can stay at home all day. Go Shopping a€“ Let you child be an active part of this process by allowing them to pick out their own underwear. Give Warning– I tried to talk to Connor and let him know days before hand when we would be starting this new a€?Big Boya€? task of going on the potty.
Training Day a€“ As soon as he woke up we put his underwear on him and made it a huge deal! The main focus for us was not actually using the potty but keeping his underwear dry and clean. You need to seriously ask over and over again if they are dry so that they understand that is what is expected.
We put a pair of underwear on Monk {as he calls him} to teach him how to go on the potty too. Make sure you are having them drink plenty of liquid throughout the entire potty training process so you will know that they have to go to the bathroom. Once they understand the process you will now have to tell them to go even if they dona€™t tell you they have to go. A Since I was afraid of him holding it in really long I kept a little schedule in the notes of my phone not only to remind myself of when to have him try again but so that I could document the accidents he had.
Always pack extra clothes with you along with several pairs of underwear when you leave the house even once you are finished potty training. For the first few weeks of potty training I actually carried his little soft potty seat that went on top of the potty out with us everywhere we went.
Please let us know if you use our 3-day potty training method or any tips you may have on how to potty train a toddler in the comments below.
Since pee and poo often go hand in hand, it's smart (and less messy) to get little Billy started sitting down. Once your son is getting the hang of peeing standing up, show him exactly where the pee goes (AKA not on the wall!) by placing a small piece of colorful paper or a few pieces of cereal in the toilet. And after some 10 months of potty training, my boy has been wearing his undies for more than a week with no accidents (including camp, field trips and nap time) and we couldn’t be happier.
I will not go into the details or reasons of why I chose to use cloth in this post, other than to say that cloth diapers let kids feel the wetness much more than disposables. My son wanted to use the potty kind of early on, and so we went all in right away to support that, and I think that was the key for us. At this point I started wearing my undies around the house too and we talked a lot about how it’s an honor to wear undies for those of us that peepee and poopoo on the potty.

The main reason he likes to go potty is to be part of the family and do what the rest of us are doing. It looks just like a regular toilet seat, except that it has a kid sized seat that can be lowered for them to use. It looks great and I don’t have to have a special seat attachment hanging around the bathroom or do any prep for him to use it that looks different than how we use the potty. So it caught me off guard when on a Skype call with his cousin, my son told him all about going potty and wearing undies, which were modeled, and then a few days later when we Skyped again his cousin had made substantial progress in potty training and had his undies on too. So at this point, we have been working on it for 9 months and are just now getting to the point where he has quit wearing diapers except for sleeping over night.
There’s no need to switch from a separate potty chair to a toilet when you use a potty seat that fits right on top of the toilet.
Realize that accidents happen and that most children won't be potty trained over a week, a month, or even a few months' time.
One of the most effective (and overlooked) tools for potty training a child that travels between households is a consistent and patient day care provider.
Her interests include the workings of blended families and step families, specifically examining the role of the step parent. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. I constantly told Connor about all the people who wear underwear including TV show characters! My son loves getting little prizes or treats so I actually created a bin that I wrapped a few inexpensive items in that were rewards only for when he pooped on the potty. Trust me you will NEED a lot of underwear, unless you enjoy doing laundry numerous times a day. I didna€™t want to surprise him, and he actually doesna€™t like change so I made sure he was well aware of the day before it happened. I liked this concept because he was proud of himself even if he had not yet gone on the potty. As you can see from our schedule he did have quite a few accidents the first few days, and he did not immediately start pooping on the potty. Please understand that the whole potty process does take time and dedication and you will start to learn where every public restroom is located. Frugal Fanatic is her place to share practical ways to save money, make money and tips for everyday life. Also, if you're the one doing the toilet training, as opposed to Dad, you likely don't have much choice. So leaving the bathroom door open and inviting him to accompany me every time I go to the bathroom has been the the number one motivator for us.
No, I wanted him to learn to use the bathroom like us, so I bought him a potty that looked like out toilet.
This became a ritual during our Skype every few days and really helped both boys stay motivated to use the potty. He wants to help other dads maintain their geek lifestyle while being a positive role model, a supportive partner, and cool dad. My promise to you is that although I earn an income from some of my recommendations, I'll never promote anything that I don't believe you will gain value from. This is important because if one parent begins potty training and it is not enforced in the other household, the child will not learn as quickly and is more likely to rely on his or her pull-up or diaper.
We sometimes forget to model things for our children when they are second nature to us.
She will provide community resources for Fargo-Moorhead families, step parenting resources on the web, and insightful commentary on effective parenting strategies during difficult life transitions.
They can find their favorite videos on any screen device and FaceTime with grandparents pretty much on demand.
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I was not sure how easily he would grasp this concept so I wanted to make it a BIG deal if he pooped on the potty. The night before we started potty training we gathered all of his diapers and put them into a box for his younger brother. Yes, you do still need to give them praise when they go on the potty but you also need to praise them for the simple task of keeping their underwear dry and clean! You probably think I am crazy tedious but I was worried he would go too long without going. Actually in the beginning, the only reason he did poop on the potty was because it would just come out when he peed.
I was very nervous the first time we had to leave the house and he was wearing underwear but there was no way I was going to confuse him by allowing him to wear a pull-up. It took him several weeks {and walking in on one of my younger brothers} to realize he did not need that little seat anymore.
Find out how you can make money shopping online or how to start a blog to start earning cash from home now! If you work, it's a good idea to start this technique on a weekend when your son will have a few consecutive days in a row to heed the message. For that reason they seem to take to the potty more easily and sooner than kids that didn’t use cloth. We bought lots of books about potty time, and a drawer full of undies as a reward for using the potty.
If this begins to occur often, you can try having the child wear no pull-up under his or her pants while they are at home.

Keep your day care provider updated on the child's progress at home and ask often for updates of his or her progress while at day care. I had no idea how long this would take and wanted to make sure that once we started there was no turning back.
Not only did I want him to see that he would no longer be using diapers but I wanted him to understand that there werena€™t any left just in case he asked to put a diaper back on.
My son is all about treats and prizes so every once in awhile when he would actually sit on the potty (even if he didna€™t go) I would give him a little pretzel rod or an M&M to keep his focus. I have learned that many places now have automatic flushes so I try to cover the sensor when we are out because the time it did flush by itself when he was still going was HORRIBLE! Whatever your son is into, try to pique his interest by letting him choose a cool pair of underwear. This is because riding a motorcycle, like potty training, is a straight-forward concept but requires a lot of practice to become good at, and neither can be mastered in 3 days. Luckily, my younger son was a€?okaya€™ throughout the process but I know a lot of people try to get a babysitter for other siblings just in case. I recently found a great episode of Daniel Tiger that I saved on our DVR about potty training. I never let him wear them until the a€?Big Day.a€™ I wanted him to understand that this was for real.
This might seem a little bit overkill but I really wanted him to understand that the diapers were gone. I wanted to focus completely on potty training to make the process as easy as possible for him. Luckily my younger son loves this show so we have been watching it a lot to get him ready for the process.
I would make him acknowledge that his underwear was wet by feeling them and make him take them off.
Make sure you reward them if they wake up dry and immediately take them to the potty when they wake up whether it is first thing in the morning or right after a nap. Is the child able to communicate(either verbally or with gestures and noises)  his or her needs to you? If there is an accident, the child will feel the wetness and may be uncomfortable enough to realize they never want to do that again.
When the stickers add up to 10 (or whatever number you choose), take the child for ice cream or buy a new toy. By not staying home I felt like I was just setting him up for failure because he would definitely have accidents.
Also, he completely looks up to my younger brothers so I kept telling him Uncle Max and Uncle Jay wear big boy underwear.
Every few minutes I would ask him if his underwear were still dry and clean, and I would jump up and down and be VERY excited for him when they were. I kept saying a€?Make sure you tell me when you have to go potty.a€? This gives them some control throughout the process. Even if quite some time has passed and they still have not gone make sure you keep trying to get them to go on the potty. He hated the feeling of having wet underwear so he would tell me immediately even if it was a few drips. Surprisingly, my son started waking up completely dry from naps and bedtime after about 2 weeks. I wanted to make sure that he knew what was going to happen to prevent as much resistance as I could.
This actually eliminated a step in the process for us because he never used the potty seat so I never had to make the transition from potty seat to the real toilet. I did not like to constantly ask if he had to go because I wanted him to learn the sensation of having to go and telling me he had to go. The trick I did here to get him to pee the first time is I told him I had to go and for him to listen to the pee. A couple times when it was a lot of pee and the ground was wet I would have him help me clean it up off of the floor. Then wait until he's begging to wear the underwear, and let him him know that if he wants to wear them, he needs to be able to pull them on and off by himself and go in the potty." His desire to wear his new underwear will likely motivate him to use the toilet so he can ditch the diapers.
Then once he got back up on the potty I said a€?Shh lets listen for the pee,a€? and he did it!!
This definitely helped because it really grossed Connor out to have to clean up after himself.
We have had a few accidents at night, probably around 5 total, but it is much better than just putting a pull-up on him when he doesna€™t need it.
If they do not mind sitting on the potty then let read some books to distract them so that eventually something will come out. Most people I talk to have told me that this step can take a few months or even a year, so dona€™t be discouraged if your child does not wake up dry this fast. If they continuously wet the bed then try to really cut back how much they drink before bed.
I would not and still DO NOT let him have a drink before bed or even an hour or two before.
If that does not help then just wait it out and use a pull-up until they begin to wake-up dry.

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