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Teletubbies made a joyous return to CBeebies last year, and this year marks the launch of the new range of toys. Travel: Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, Scarborough Last weekend Nana and I took a rather lengthy journey north for a night away at the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel in Scarborough, with Little Dude in tow.
When Little Man turned 18 months old the mailing list emails I was getting from baby clubs and baby companies suddenly all started talking about potty training. Just For Boys: This rather amusing looking piece of kit was discovered when I searched to see if there was gender specific potty training equipment. Pull Up Pants: Nappies are officially a thing of the past once potty training begins and its important that you stick to that.
I love the fact that I have a garden, especially with the recent gorgeous weather we've been having. The idea of potty training is one that has filled me with dread from day one (and quite possibly before that!) so I was surprised to see that it was something that I needed to start thinking about now. With your little one being used to the comfort of moist baby wipes since birth its a good idea to stock up on Toilet Training Wipes. Obviously you need some form of protection against accidents so pull up pants are a must have. Whether it be going out in the pram or for a trip in the car your little one is probably going to have an accident.

Karibu's Potty Seat with step ladder allows children to be independent white potty training. This brand new seat exclusive to Plumbtap will help you make the transition a lot more smoother.
There are a wide range available, including ones that come with built in ladders to help your child on their way, but I like this simple design from Munchkin. Once your little boy has mastered the art of sitting down to wee, he then needs to figure out that standing up to do it is what the big boys do. A step like this will make this possible, and will also help with reaching the sink to brush their teeth. Similar to nappies in that they have a level of absorption, they go on like underwear with your little one stepping into them as opposed to being wrestled to the ground for nappy change – just me? So I started doing some research into ideas and methods, and then looked at the bits and pieces that were out there to make the job easier. It has rubber edges to keep it secure on the seat so there’s no slipping when your little one climbs on, it has the necessary deflector at the front, a gentle backrest for optimum comfort, and two handles for security. If you have a tiled or lino floor – I have the same ridiculous cream carpet everywhere, including the bathrooms!! Available With or Without Fragrance they are gentle against delicate skin, and are available from all leading retailers.

We’d already picked up a couple of potties at Nearly New Sales but I liked the idea of have one in all  main rooms, so I was after more. The Toilet Trainer fits on all standard toilet seats using the adjustable clip and can be emptied easily afterwards. The vinyl backing ensures that the seat remains dry so they don’t have to travel around in a puddle. I got pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing, then realised it was probably one of those daunting events for all parents.
If you’re after something a little fancier I do like the Smart Potty from Baby Bjorn. This Safe Step from Baby Bjorn has just that – non-slip feet for the floor, and a non-slip top so your little one will be safe, even with wet feet. I think this is a great idea for potty training on the move but also for day to day usage to protect seats from spills from drinks cups or leaking nappies before potty training begins. Little Man likes to move it about the bathroom, sitting on it when he brushes his teeth, and standing on it when his bath is being run so he gets a better view.

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