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While traditional or even cutesy nursery designs are popular with many moms, others prefer a more modern or trendy look when it comes to their baby’s nursery. For all these reasons you will find an ever increasing number of baby bedding sets and toddler baby blankets using chocolate brown as the main color or as part of a combo of colors. Pink and brown polka dot baby bedding often combined with a similarly colored striped fabric create a beautiful look. All moms want their baby’s nursery to be perfect and for some moms that means a modern design. Baby nursery decor tipsHome Improvement Makeover IdeasBaby nursery decor tips Gone are those days when you used to decor up your baby’s room only with two basic colors like blue and pink.
One of the toughest things about raising a toddler has got to be, without a doubt, the tantrums. Fortunately for you, parents of toddlers, tantrums are the topic of today’s blog article.
In fact, when you look at things from your toddler’s perspective, tantrums are downright rational.
During the toddler stage, your little one is also learning that he is separate from you, and that he has his own desires — which sometimes look very different from yours. Frustration tantrums are those fits your child throws when she’s in the midst of learning a new skill.
When it comes to frustration tantrums, it can be good to sympathize with your child, to let her know that you understand her frustration. The best way to deal with exhaustion tantrums is to get your child in bed and asleep quickly! Tantrums can happen at any point in the day, but many parents report that their toddlers’ tantrums often happen before nap time and bedtime. As mentioned before, if your toddler is exhausted, she may be more prone to tantrum-throwing.
So if your toddler has taken to having hysterical outbursts before naps and bed, take stock of her sleep – is she getting enough? Join over 300,000 parents around the world & sign up today to receive the guide and our Baby Sleep Newsletter absolutely FREE!
Sometimes I feel like Nicole has esp, because a lot of times I am just getting to the point of total frustration with a particular sleep issue and BAM!
I had logged on to the chat last wednesday, unfortunately at the wrong time, so I never got to ask my question. Been a nanny for 10 years and the biggest help for tantrums I’ve noticed is mirroring calmness for the child.
My Aly was from day 7 refused to have long naps 30-40 mins 3X a day and I came to this site and got amazing support.
Our son has had tantrums for a long time and they happen every time he doesn’t get enough sleep.
One of us has to be the strong one, since it’s hard watching him go through that and seeing the little we can do to help him.
I think patience is the number one tool you need to handle these situations accompanied with prevention.
As others have commented already, deep breaths seem to work a lot of the time to calm her down. There are times it would help to put myself in time-out to put my head in a better place for dealing with the tantrum. Sounds like deep breaths outside works pretty well, though – so if I were you, I’d just keep using that until it gets too cold!!
My son is 2yrs and 3 months and takes terrible tantrum when his daddy leaves the house (he minds him). My husband and I are trying to be patient but its tough and these tips will help us tremendously! He is so smart and speaks so well but I guess communicating that is too much for him right now. Hi, I am desperatly asking for tips or suggestions how to handle my almost two years old tantrum before bed. Abstract and geometric fabric patterns as well as polka dots and stripes are popular fabric choices and also add to the modern look and appeal of these bedding sets. Many of the chocolate combo abstract and geometric fabric patterns have a somewhat retro look reminiscent of designs from the 60′s. Now plenty of baby room decor accessories and furnishings are now easily available in the market.

Few things can make a parent’s blood pressure rise like a full-blown, ear-splitting, kicking-and-screaming tantrum. Like in the middle of Target on the Saturday before Christmas, when what seems like everyone in your entire city has come to buy last-minute gifts? Your toddler finally has the motor skills he needs to really explore his world — he can run and jump and climb. However, stand firm and enforce the rules – this is the best way to minimize tantrums, because your child will come to learn that you mean what you say.
Exhaustion tantrums often happen at nap time and bedtime, when a toddler is overtired and therefore resisting sleep in a big way.
An overtired toddler is even less capable of handling frustration or disappointment than a well-rested toddler; the smallest of events can trigger a full-blown meltdown. Play into your toddler’s growing sense of independence by offering him options when you can.
But you don’t have to manage bedtime and nap time drama on your own – we are here to help! We used to put our daughter to bed at 7, give her a bottle, have cuddles and leave her to go to sleep by herself. My son has gone from talking to his teddies for a few minutes and falling asleep by himself to howling the place down if we leave him to it.
What you could do is to offer your son some freedom, in terms of what he does during nap time. Sounds like your 10 years as a nanny have given you some great insights into managing toddler behavior ?? Thanks for sharing! Through Nicole and her team plus other struggling moms, my little girl is now 3 months shy of her second birthday and Sleeping overnight 7 pm to 6 am. It depends on how far gone she is into the tantrum, but it is a well-used tool in our box of tricks. Is your daughter big enough yet to obey an instruction like ‘sit on the couch for a bit and calm down’, or does she need to be put in some kind of enclosed area?
It was new to me, too – I came across it doing research, and decided I had to go back and update the post with it! I actually started calling my mother in law beforehand to prepare him for going home so that when I get there I don’t just grab him and go. She refuses and when it is time to put her in her crib she flips, put her legs, arms through the bars of the cribs hurting herself. For those that don’t, chocolate brown has been and still is a hot color for home decorating and has made its way into the nursery as well.
Pink in shades from light pink to hot pink are hands down the most popular of the chocolate brown combo color choices.
You will find several choices from almost every baby bedding manufacturer so finding the perfect set for your nursery should not be a problem. But while thinking about the decor ideas for your kid’s room you must consider that your kid is soon going to be a child and hence his or her tastes will also transform with time.
Even if she looks worn out and is clearly fighting sleep (rubbing her eyes, yawning, etc.) your toddler may still resist going to bed.
In this way, what seems like a straightforward temper tantrum may actually be an exhaustion tantrum in disguise. Our team of consultants has helped countless families work with their toddlers to achieve better sleep.
And don’t forget to share your tantrum stories; it will remind the rest of us that we are not alone! Since he turned 2 he’s been fine, far fewer tantrums, but I know that’s only until the next phase! For instance, you could put a few books and toys in his bed and let him know that, if he chooses not to sleep, he can play a bit (as long as he stays in his bed).
I am hesitant to use her crib, because we spent SO LONG getting her to associate her crib with pleasantness and as a cosy place she loves to sleep. I know deal with each differently, and he is so much better and able to nip them in the bud before they get out of control. Knowing that info is giving me so much more grace for and patience with my own 3-year-old (yep, I’ve got one, too – I fell your pain! My 2.5 year old who is the sweetest most loving baby in the world has turned into a tantrum throwing little dude! A few things I’m seeing: for one, it sounds like your daughter may not be able to fall asleep on her own?

Combining chocolate brown with almost any other color creates a modern and somewhat sophisticated statement in the nursery.
Various shades of blue from navy to baby blue and brown are also extremely popular as is lavender and brown baby bedding.
First of all you must decide upon a theme about the room, but don’t invest all your money in buying a gorgeous princess cot or a racing car adorned bed for your son or daughter.Rather you should be aware of each every item of the room. And, most importantly, how do we parents handle tantrums without resorting to some tantrum-throwing of our own?! But remember that even though she doesn’t want to settle in and go to sleep, sleep is exactly what she needs in that moment. So I let my guard down and get a little less consistent, and they respond by taking advantage and acting up! Then there is less parent-tantrums happening in response and we remain as calm as possible in the situation.
You don’t want to make big changes to how you handle naptime and bedtime sleep during a sleep regression, since those changes can quickly become deeply-ingrained habits.
She can do this angry dance for an hour and finally be so exhausted to fall sleep but the waking up cranky.
A chocolate brown combo baby bedding set will create a nursery that is beautiful, trendy and modern. Therefore, he resorts to kicking and shrieking and throwing things, because those are skills he does have. The best way to manage temper tantrums, in my opinion, is to put your toddler in a safe place (like her crib) and let her cool off before talking about what’s wrong. But when your toddler is flipping out, it is important that you remain as calm as possible. Once you purchase, you will immediately receive access to the Helpdesk, and you can set up your account, fill out your Family Sleep History form, submit it to a consultant, and get started on the journey to better sleep! We couldn’t pinpoint anything that might have made him anxious or anything, so we have no idea what’s gone wrong! I am to the point to let her sleep in my chest for an hour because I am exhausted to fight with her, but I am want to be able to put her in the crib withouth her trowing a tantrum.
If so, then you will want to sleep coach and begin working towards more independent sleep, as that will help with the tantrum problem. It is important that you establish consistent, regular nap times and bedtimes as part of your daily schedule, so avoid letting your toddler choose when he sleeps. If your toddler sees that she is not able to get a rise out of you, she will probably calm down faster. He’s been refusing naps since the baby was born but there are so many changes at once (new baby, he decided to potty train, change to a big boy bed, suddenly tall enough to reach doorknobs, etc).
Now this has change a few months ago I was able to rock her to sleep and put her in her crib and boom two hours of a nap sometimes but now with this change in her behavior and I know my also for sure get only 15 minutes og naps.
When you remove your child from a dangerous situation (like climbing the bookcase, or jumping off the furniture), or you end an activity she has been enjoying, a frustration tantrum may very well follow.
Instead, let him make choices about parts of the nap time and bedtime routines, like which books to read, or which pajamas to wear. He then wakes up scared and screaming a few hours later and if I don’t get there fast enough he spits and goes completely off. She sleep trough the night good no problems and daddy put her to bed at night in 5 minutes no fuzz. To fix this, you could have her father put her to bed each night for an extended period of time (a week or more); then, you could begin to BOTH put her to bed at night, and then work from there.
If your toddler knows that she can manipulate your behavior by throwing tantrums, you can bet she will be throwing them frequently! So try to stay ahead of the overtiredness, and make sure she is getting the rest she needs.
I never thought of responding back ‘ are you mad because” and I will definitely start it! If you need tips on how to set limits and enforce boundaries with your toddler, check out this past article for suggestions.

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