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BABIES OVER 4 WEEKS OLD - TOO OLD FOR THIS SHOT - I have had a lot of clients that contact me and want to get "newborn" shots of their 2 to 3 month old baby. BEAN BAG CHAIRS - some people use these chairs because they are cozy and usually hold the baby up high enough off the ground that you aren't laying on the floor with your camera. SHOOTING IN THE HOME - I always request shooting newborn images in the clients or friends home.
CAMERA SETTINGS: camera settings will change depending on how much light is coming through the windows. Babies use many of their senses to get to know their mothers while they are still in the womb. Contact your healthcare provider, who can determine whether your baby should be fed a special formula such as Similac® Soy Isomil®, or if you breastfeed, whether you should eliminate dairy from your diet. Your baby cannot speak yet, but her body is speaking to you loud and clear, if you know what to look for. She is giving you permission and feedback.Watch her closely and you will learn how much or how little stimulation she can handle, and when she is ready for talking, feeding, singing, or playing.
Your baby will probably sleep for shorter periods during the day and longer stretches at night. To help her get used to falling back to sleep on her own, gently place her down in the crib while she's groggy but still awake. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful yet the most critical times in the life of every woman. However, it is something very natural and a phase which every woman experiences at least once in lifetime.
Every month you will see some major transformations in the body as well as in the growth of the baby inside. In the 6th month of pregnancy, you can expect the baby to be approximately 690-700 grams in weight and 34 cm in length. There are some major developments and transitions taking place in the body of the baby during the 6th month of pregnancy.

The bones of the baby are now at a stage where they are getting solid and stronger. Along with this the hands are completely developed in the 6th month. Since there is so much stretch of the abdomen it becomes more and more itchy day by day and also starts paining.
A lot of expecting mothers becomes quite conscious about the increasing body weight and starts panicking.
One of the tips for women in their 6th month is to give yourself all the time in the world and get pampered. It is that phase where you have come out of the morning sickness completely. It is very important to keep your self away from stress and tension, not only for your good health but also for the baby. Not that I don't enjoy it or slightly get early onset of "baby fever" whenever I am lucky enough to photograph a new little person, but there are some photographers out there that really hit their stride when photographing babies. The day I photographed the baby in the image above, it was actually a pretty overcast day and the light coming in through the door was not very strong at all. Natual controlled light images rarely need a lot of post production work done to them, but of course editing is all to personal taste. As your baby takes in everything in the "outside" world, she uses that information to communicate with you.
You should not be concerned if your baby does something later or earlier than your friend's children. For example, sleeping is one way she learns to organize her life: When she’s tired, she "turns off" the environment, conserving energy to grow. On one hand there is unmeasured happiness attached with the development of a new life within and on the other hand there are feelings of fear and unpredictability related to the drastic changes that are happening in the body. To make sure you are ready to handle all these alterations, here is a simple health and pregnancy guide that will broaden your horizons about the changes in the 6th month and the last month of the second trimester. However, the statistics can differ a little from baby to baby, depending upon the kind of nutrition you are providing your body with. Some of the symptoms that you will show in your 25th week of pregnancy include heartburn, headaches, nasal blockage, and feeling of bloating, problems in digesting, dizziness and more.

However, it is very natural that because of the growing baby and the amniotic fluid you will gain a few pounds. Don't shoot next to open doors or windows that might let in a draft or have the AC cranked. The baby in the photograph above and below in the diagram is laying next to big sliding glass doors in the dining room of the house.
Instead of wasting time on those sleeping baby moments, I usually set the shot up with something in the room to focus on.
Herein, the questions that pregnancy brings along with itself should be answered with a deep knowledge about the same.
You will also notice that the hunger pangs have greatly increased and there is soreness in some parts of the body. I have seen some people use Hair Dryers to warm up the area the baby will be laying in as well. If you are photographing a baby there is usually a stuff animal or something similar in size you can test some shots on to see how the light is effecting the area and the settings you will need in order to start.
You will experience that the baby is taking more space in the uterus with the expanding pot belly. Taking spas or spending a lazy afternoon, reading a book are some of the ways you can follow. Also if you are going for the naked baby shot, keep them covered up until you are about to shoot. Setting up next to one will give you the ability to have a large resource of light that you can control.

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