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As you read each and every word of this article very carefully you are going to find answers to above questions, and apart from that you are also going to discover few natural and proven tips on how to conceive a male baby. Since, the start of mankind we have been forced to believe, that when it comes to choosing the gender of your baby, it should be left to the god.
After years of research it has been proved that by following some simple and specific techniques on gender selection, more than 90% success can be achieved. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
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But, have you ever imagined, how different your life would be, if you get the power and authority to choose the gender of your baby?
It has been proved that if intercourse is done on the day of ovulation or one day after, the chances of conceiving a male baby will be higher. It good that we all pass on information that has each one of us in our own personal experiences. The sperms responsible for conception of boy (boy sperms) have a short life, and if intercourse is done earlier, then they will die off before the egg is ready to be fertilized.
The boy sperms are weak in nature and if they will travel a longer distance towards the egg, they are at a higher risk of dying before reaching the egg.

Therefore, the fast moving boy sperms will fertilize the egg first and conceive a boy if the intercourse is done on the day of ovulation. By increasing potassium level in your body and lowering the calcium level, you can provide a favourable environment for boy sperms to survive in vagina and hence, increasing the chances of conceiving a boy child.

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