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And, it’s no surprise that one of my favorite photography sites, i heart faces, has a bunch of great posts on the subject as well! We will provide some information about traditional decorations as well as decorations you can make! Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is extremely exciting: for the parents-to-be, their friends, and their families.
Fun Homemade Baby Shower Decorations Baby Articles Planing a baby shower can be very expensive these days, which is why many are into DIY ideas.

Adorable baby shower tableware creates the perfect theme for celebrating both baby and mom-to-be. Baby shower table decorations are an important aspect when preparing the festivities because they create the ambiance and reinforce the theme. I absolutely LOVEĀ  the way the newborn features collage came out (the first picture in the post). But, I’ve never done any newborn shots since having my dslr and I was SO excited to have the chance to take pictures for her!

You see, we have SHORT toes, My Grandma, My Dad, Myself , my Son and BOTH Grandsons have the same pudgy feet with short toes.

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