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We have an collection of African American Baby Hair Care Tips Beautylicious You in various styles. Understanding about baby growth and monitoring growth chart helps maintain your new born baby’s health in a good condition. As babies born with some extra fluid, it is common for a newborn to lose a few ounces of weight in the first few days when the extra fluid is lost. It is found that healthy newborn babies lose nearly seven to ten percent of their birth weight.
The rate of baby growth decreases slightly at the age of 6 months; decreases further at 9 months of age and even decreases more at twelve months.
The health care providers will keep track of your baby growth (weight, length and head size) from the first day of the birth, as a health growth is a good indicator of your newborn’s overall health. In fact, a baby with healthy growth will generally remains healthy whereas poor baby growth could be an indication of unhealthiness. Growth charts and average weekly figures are the two tools commonly used to monitor baby growth.

Normally, health care professional makes use of growth charts to observe and record the new born baby growth, particularly the weight, length and head circumference.
Today, most of the health care professionals offer a specially designed booklet, along with growth chart to record your baby’s health care information such as baby growth, development and immunizations. Even you can keep track of your baby growth at home by downloading growth charts from Internet.
On the other hand, an average weekly figure is another popular tool to monitor baby growth. The doctor usually determines the growth status of the baby by comparing the baby’s weight gain against average weekly figures. Remember that the first twelve months of birth will be the most dynamic period of infant’s life, as sudden changes occurs in all areas of baby growth and development, including physical, mental, emotional, language, and sensory development. My child is 1 year 20 days old but he dint sit and walk also, docotor said he is normal and many babies cant seat and walk upto 16 to 18 months. Baby girls' growth chart: 0 12 months - babycenter, See growth chart baby girls baby' height, weight head circumference normal range girls age.

Baby boys' growth chart: 0 12 months - babycenter, A growth chart helps paediatrician track baby growing properly time. Here is some inspiring pictures about African American Baby Hair Care Tips Beautylicious You. By the end of the first year, the infant triples their birth weight and by the end of two years, the weight increases approximately four times.
Health care providers prefer average weekly figures to monitor baby’s development at healthy baby visits. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find African American Baby Hair Care Tips Beautylicious You interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.

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