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You should use fresh, organically certified fruit and vegetables as far as possible in your baby food plan as they have superior nutritional value than frozen and canned foods.
Not only is it more economic and less wasteful, but it is also a far healthier diet option for your baby.
Even manufactures of organic baby clothing are marketing the benefits of organic for baby’s health.
Furthermore, dried beans can be bought inexpensively in bulk, making it easier on the wallet.
As a baby food nutritional fact, avoid meats such as ham and deli cold cuts as they often have added salt and preservatives.

By making your own quality baby food and by creating a nutritional and varied diet, you can be sure that what your baby is consuming is made from fresh and wholesome ingredients that have no added sugar, salts and preservatives. However, you should also keep in mind that even ‘fresh’ fruits and vegetables may have spent a few days in transit and on the shelf, which also depletes its goodness.
Just ensure that the dried beans to not have added salt or spices, as often the beans are meant for soup. Follow these baby food tips and your little one will grow strong, play happy and sleep sound on its natural baby mattress.
You should therefore use fresh fruit and vegetables in your baby food as soon after purchase as possible in order to capture the goodness.

Soak beans in spring or filtered water overnight before using them in your baby food recipes.
When choosing grains for baby food cereals, select whole grain (whole grain flour and pasta) as opposed to the more processed kind, as they have far higher nutritional value. However, if using canned food ensure that fruits are stored in their own juices and not syrup, which has high sugar content.

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