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Looking after a family can often be a strain on your finances and you’ll probably find yourself in debt at some time or another.
The Citizens Advice Bureaux have staff that are trained and experienced in debt management (and free) so they may be the best place to start. Your creditor may well accept reduced payments or a short break in payments to help you get straight. A creditor is entitled to send you reminders but they are not allowed to harass or threaten you. Collect all the papers which relate to your debts – court papers, letters from creditors, bills and credit agreements. Add up all the money you have coming into the house every month including wages, investments, benefits and pensions etc. Make sure that you are claiming all the benefits and tax allowances that you’re entitled to.
Collect all your bills, letters, court papers and credit agreements together and work out exactly how much you owe.
Never agree to borrow more money to pay off your debt without asking for professional advice.

Some debts are undoubtedly more important than others and these need to be dealt with urgently.
Your creditors (the people you owe money to) will want to know exactly how much money you owe in total. They will assume that you’re just trying to avoid paying until you tell them otherwise.
Then make a list of your monthly outgoings like your rent, electric, phone, gas, water, food, clothing, travel to work etc etc. These kinds of loans are called consolidation loans and will normally have a very high rate of interest. 19-Month-Old Baby Boy Shows Off Some Serious Reading Skills A Natural C-Section – A New Birthing Technique 4 Ways to Help Kids Get to Sleep Uber Launches Trip Tracker – Giving Parents Peace Of Mind What Would It Mean If We Took Our Kids Sleep Seriously? Take the outgoings away from the money coming in and you’ll see how much you have left over to pay debts with. This will almost always be a short-term solution to the problem but a long-term commitment to the repayments.
Remember too that if you secure a loan against your home and then find yourself unable to make payments in the future, you could lose it.

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If you hide some of the debts, companies will assume that you have more money to spare than you actually have. Not only does it show that you are trying to sort the problem out, but they are much more likely to get their money back. If they adjust your repayments based on incorrect information they may still be too high for you to manage and you’ll be back where you started.
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