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Pumped milk can last four hours on the counter, four days in the refrigerator and four months in the freezer. Newborn babies, the softness of their skin, capturing a visual picture of how they were cradled in the womb and their unique newborn scent oozes tender feelings with moms.
Moms who plan to head back to work or school shortly after having a baby can plan to pump their breast milk, rather than give up on breastfeeding altogether. For all mothers, and especially in those instances where breastfeeding becomes impossible or a closed topic, there are several loving ways to foster that crucial bond with their baby that is naturally fulfilled through breastfeeding. Skin to skin contact – Prior to giving birth, moms should create a birth plan that includes being handed the newborn immediately after birth so that skin to skin closeness can occur.
Resist propping the bottle – Besides the obvious safety issue for newborn, it also deprives baby of being held close and nurtured while feeding.
Talk and sing to baby – Even during non-feeding times, moms can bond with their little one by talking and singing.
Baby massage – Various studies have been conducted on the benefits of massage therapy for people of all ages. The breastfeed bond is not impossible to capture; however, before completely ruling out breastfeeding, consider the options available to aid and support moms who choose this method of nutrition for their babies.
WIC provides online resources, expert counselors, peer counseling, training, free breast pumps, certified nutritionists, formula where breastfeeding is not chosen and low cost post baby care checkups.

Laleche offers resources, an online forum, a marketplace, and local meetings and phone support. May I simply just say what a relief to uncover someone that truly knows what they’re talking about online. I will right away grab your rss feed as I can’t to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Know that the behaviors you are witnessing in your newborn baby are all normal and occur regardless of  how good or how not so good you feel your parenting skills are. However, back in reality, there are plenty of mothers who find it challenging to fit nursing their baby into their hectic schedules. Pumped milk, according to Gallaway, can last four hours on the counter, four days in the refrigerator and four months in the freezer. Skin to skin contact happens naturally when a mother breastfeeds her child, but those who cannot breastfeed can still offer their baby that nurturing, bare bonding touch several times per day.
Mothers who cannot breastfeed their children can hold their infant’s ear close to their heart – which can be soothing to baby. Holding the infant close, like in a breastfeeding style hold, is the best position for this type of bonding. Some studies mention benefits like improved growth and brain development, promotion of digestion and healthy weigh gain.

With knowledge and minor, temporary adjustments, moms can give the best of who they are while living a full life.
According to Cindy Gallaway, a local lactation counselor and registered dietician at the Women, Infant and Children Department (WIC) of the Central District Health Department, “One of the biggest barriers for breastfeeding is returning to work or school. Not all pumping needs to be done at home, Gallaway says, “Healthcare regulations for the workplace are changing,” and some of these changes include creating special places for employees to express their breast milk.
In a calm, quiet room, giving a newborn what is known as “infant massage”  or simply stroking baby can be an enjoyable, bonding experience. Moms feel powerless to have it all.”  With minor adjustments these bonding moments don’t need to be forfeited. Maintaining eye contact, smiling, singing and talking encourages communication skills for future development.

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