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In this post one of our readers Loraine McCall shares some quick tips for newborn photography. Newborn photography usually brings the words fragile, family memories, and innocence to mind. Become a Contributor: Check out Write for DPS page for details about how YOU can share your photography tips with the DPS community.
For some shots that just cannot be held to my face, I use the focus light and make sure it is centered on what I want as the center of the image. You can also order collapsible backgrounds that fold into a circle for transport and are supported by a frame that you lean on a wall or something (just saw it in the B&H catalog last week).
Regarding portable backdrops: My husband made me a portable freestanding backdrop stand out of pvc pipe that sets up in minutes.
Another way to get a seamless backdrop for newborns is to drape a piece of fabric over wherever you will place the baby (bean bag, ottoman, etc.), then lay the baby on it.
Rhonda, I’ve been trying to email you about backdrop instructions, but the emails keep getting returned!
What software do you use to create to get the heart photo of the lil ones feet and the moms hands? I was wondering if someone could give me some more tips on how to get black around all of the parts except what I am photographing.
The baby in pic #1 is facing downward and #2 the baby is facing up… To me, it looks more aesthetically pleasing for the baby to be facing upward. Hello, I saw below one question asking how you manage to isolate the hands and feet on a black background and was wondering if you posted some tips to achieve this? There is a difference in the top and bottom pictures under the "pose me" The top one the baby is much cozier looking, one leg and one are slightly tucked under and the other arm and leg slightly hanging out. Rhonda, I've been trying to email you about backdrop instructions, but the emails keep getting returned! I went to a fabric store and bought the widest black and white material i could find (72 inches), and then went to Lowes and bought 2 packs of industrial strength clothes pins. The natural lighting is nice, but I have found that as long as you use a softbox, babies sleep right through a flash and then you can have complete control of how much or how little.

Also try getting back-up disposable changing pads ready for the newborns in case certain fluids come out while they are being changed from one prop to another. I am sure there a so many more tips out there; please add your comments and suggestions on what you would do in a newborn photo shoot! I am sure there are loads of ways to do this, just as there are other ways on making backdrops!
Have the mom stand behind the baby and hold up the extra fabric high and wide with her arms.
Then when I open the RAW file I darken the black in Camera Raw so that the folds and highlights on the black fabric would blend in with the solid black background. The first one the baby is slightly to one side which allows for a little more of the face to show. The feet and legs are positioned differently as are the arms and the way the whole body is in a different position.
Most hospital rooms have a window (at least I have been lucky thus far anyways) and I clothes pin the fabric to the drapes or blind cords.
During this photo shoot, the newborn wanted to feed and in this case I threw a black sheet over mom and baby and with the help of a pillow and mom’s sister we managed to snap a few pics of mom and baby peeking out of the blanket. Since I consider myself so short I went and got a nice that folds well for transport and extra rubber to avoid scratching floors.
They are so much more relaxed and sleepy which makes such a big difference in getting those perfect newborn shots.
This is giving the baby a more cozy feeling and a look that he could have in the womb of his mother…where they felt the most comfortable and safe. You can see that the tenderness of putting the pose together and angling the baby in that manner instead of just splaying him there for a picture portrays it a whole lot more delicately. Also a cotton spandex blend works great for a tight swaddle, without getting too bulky and losing the "shape" of the baby. Notice how they are both bird’s eye view portraits, however, the poses do make a difference in the feel of the images. I am sure this worked out mainly because I am a mom myself, but if the parents and baby need their time – GIVE IT TO THEM!

I can attach any backdrop or piece of fabric to it with clips that he also made out of pvc pipe.
Under the fabric, I put a heating pad down first, then layer a waterproof changing pad over it. It works beautifully, and I agree, natural light is the best way to go- that’s all I use. The bottom one is kinda a tree from look, its a cute pose, but it does not have as much of a cozy fell to it as the top one!! Where as the first picture would be as though she is turning her head over her shoulder back towards the camera. The second is more inviting because the baby is nestled in the blankets, and its hands are more out to the sides relaxed. I'd ask the parents' permission if you would ned to stand on their furniture to take a shot. They say there's no such thing as a stupid question so here's mine: How do you get shots that look down on the baby? Oh, and parents beds usually provide a nice fluffy surface that softens the background great, with out looking lumpy. The infant is positioned in the first as though she’s interacting with the direction of the camera.
The infant is positioned in the first as though she's interacting with the direction of the camera. The first is more elegantly posted and directional towards the camera to appear as though it’s more of a portrait then a snap shot. The first is more elegantly posted and directional towards the camera to appear as though it's more of a portrait then a snap shot. Clip them both up, black in front of the white, shoot all black shots, then unclip quickly the black and you are set for the all white shots in seconds.

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