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For the first 6 months of a infant’s life they need to be fed on breast milk or infant formula, however if you don’t wait 12 months(which is strongly recommended) to wean your baby off breastmilk then you will have to give your baby iron-fortified formula. While breastfeeding a baby you should make it easy for you and the baby by sleeping near each other in the night.
Another thing to consider is the formula that you are using if you are mixing it with water from your well it may contain nitrate poisoning, so before you use that water have it tested. Many parents don’t know when to start feeding the baby solid foods, don’t rush it breastmilk and formula are more nutritious.
Using Simple Solution Potty Training Aid will help train a puppy to urinate in the appropriate area.

For inside dogs, simply spray the Simple Solution Potty Training Aid on newspaper or a Simple Solution Puppy Training Pad to attract the animal to the spot.
Breastmilk is needed to give the baby its essential mix of mineral, vitamins, enzymes, etc that make the perfect mix of food to help you baby with digestion, brain and growth development, and protection from illnesses. Then have it tested regularly afterwards, however if the mother drinks the water and breastfeeds the baby, the baby is at no risk. However you can give your baby solid foods at 6 months old, use cereal to start with then gradually work to pureed foods.
Even though the baby needs to breastfeed or have infant formula for the first 6 months, it is actually better to breastfeed your baby for at least 12 months or as long as the mother and baby want to keep nursing.

Depending on the growth size of the baby it’s hard to see when your baby has had enough to eat, typically if you have 4-6 wet diapers and 3-4 poopy diapers in 24 hours then that is normal.
You can breastfeed for upwards of 2 years with recommendations from health organizations but that choice is yours. If a mother has adopted the infant she can breastfeed the child she just needs to talk to the pediatrician.

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