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Given Canada’s multicultural roots, it’s no surprise so many children are growing up with more than one language under their belts. Raising a bilingual child isn’t without its challenges, and along the way some common concerns might crop up. Delayed Language: Despite parental fears, speaking two languages to babies won’t cause a clinical or significant delay in language development later on.
Language Confusion: Despite choosing the OPOL approach, we worried whether Chloe would be able to tell the languages apart or know which language to speak with each parent. Vancouver mom Zobeida Slogan spoke in her native Spanish to her daughter Kiana, now four, from birth. We traded tips and ideas on exactly that with Ana and Roxana of Spanglish Baby, along with a number of others, in The Motherhood today.
This is when both parents speak the minority language (in the US it would be anything but English) at home ALL the time. This ones a little less common and might not deliver the level of fluency and complete bilingualism you can achieve with the other two methods. For Stephanie of In Culture Parent, music is an effective method of teaching a new language.
Sometimes teaching two languages can be tough, but the group agreed that you need to be consistent and persistent. We live in Singapore, and my older daughter’s pre-school does daily immersion in Mandarin.
We are currently toying with the idea of Mandarin tutor if she begins to fall behind or need additional support.
As part of our five-part series on bilingualism and language education in Australia, we asked parents to submit their tips for raising children with more than one language.

There are more than 250 languages spoken in homes around Australia, yet rates of language learning are on the decline and experts say urgent action is needed.
How are plans to raise children with a second language tested by day-to-day stresses, teenage resistance, lack of motivation or bereavement? Many bilingual parents spend their child’s early years teaching them language inside the home, but what happens when those children go to school? That said, bilingual children do display some minor differences in fine grammatical details and it may them a bit more time to perfect proper usage than a monolingual child. But around the age of two, children begin using their languages appropriately with each parent; most of the time your child will speak in French to the French-speaking parent, say, and in English with the English-speaking parent. But keeping up the routine of teaching a language that her husband doesn’t understand quickly became a challenge.
To find out more about the challenges, rewards and best practices for raising bilingual children, keep reading! This method seems complicated at first because it does require logistics and planning, however, it?s considered to be the most effective. A scenario might be of a family using one language for two weeks and then switching over to the other language for the next two weeks.
Our dinner table is mishmash of languages and often conversation is carried out in Japanese and English with sprinkle of Urdu in between.
Some research indicates a child needs exposure to a language 40 percent of the time to attain this level of competence. Still, there are some differences between a bilingual child’s language use and growth when compared to that of a monolingual child.
By the time she was pregnant with her second daughter, Skylar, now three, Slogan had all but given up.

So is travel and finding ways to making the language meaningful,” said Ana of Spanglish Baby. As Roxana of Spanglish Baby said, “Congratulations to all who are raising bilingual children!
However when it comes to conversation with the kids, rules are strictly followed and no exceptions made." – Rashid. But when our daughter, Chloe, was born, we realized we weren’t sure of the best approach to take.
Look for ways to make the less-used language part of your child’s life outside your four walls. For example, your bilingual child might mix two languages together in one sentence or demonstrate a better vocabulary in one language than the other. In an effort to continue exposing their daughters to Spanish, the Slogans hired a nanny from Peru for the first year of Skylar’s life.
It can also be the child is exposed to a second language at school in a dual immersion program. For example, consider enrolling her in a bilingual daycare or a play group in that language. She will also produce her first words around her first birthday, and will combine words into two- or three-word “sentences” around two years of age.

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