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Also, when flying with older kids bring empty sippies and buy milk when you get through the gate. August 21, 2009 by Danny Sullivan I’ve been flying Southwest Airlines for about a year now.
One of the best things about Southwest is the no fee policy if you have to change or cancel a flight.
In the picture above, you can see how those with a numbers 51-55 stand in one section of the line while those 56-60 stand in another.
Business Select is only $15 more than the Anytime fare, so if you want guaranteed early boarding, along with the ability to speed through security quickly in certain airports using the Fly By lane plus that drink, go for it. Another way to get a low boarding number is if you fly enough to become a Rapid Rewards A-List member. I guess that means I don’t have to worry about printing my boarding pass as soon as possible. Postscript: A few days after I wrote this, Southwest announced a new Early Bird program that lets you book early boarding for $10. Somehow, Southwest says it is keeping some numbers back for Business Select or A-List members before Early Bird people can get them. Meanwhile, I gained my Southwest Airlines A-List membership, and so far, it’s worked well. Danny Sullivan is a journalist who has covered the internet and search marketing space for nearly 20 years.
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Our biggest concerns when flying with a baby this age were keeping him (quietly) busy and hoping to avoid him getting sick.
Get baby used to room temperature bottles and food, so you don’t have the additional hassle of heating en route. If baby can bear weight on her legs, consider purchasing the new slip-on diapers – not all airplane bathrooms have change tables, or if they do they are big enough to change a baby kitten on.
A cloth carrier or sling doesn’t take up much room in your carry-on and is useful to keep your hands free – especially if you’re flying solo – keep in mind you’ll have to take baby out for taxi, take-off, and landing. You’ll be busy and will have your hands full when flying with baby at this delightful stage, but still relish how (relatively) easy they are to distract and comfort.
Before you all jump on me, I am well aware that Puerto Rico is a part of the United States. Beginning on April 14, Southwest will have its first scheduled flight outside the contiguous 48 states when it starts flying to San Juan from Orlando three times a day and from Tampa once a day. The competition is stiff on these routes with JetBlue operating 7 times a day from Orlando and twice a day from Tampa, but clearly they’re routes that Southwest wants to keep.
Every scheduled flight in the US with more than 9 seats onboard operates under Part 121 regulations.
Any scheduled operation conducted by any person operating any turbojet powered airplanes, or airplanes having a passenger-seat configuration of more than 9 passenger seats, excluding each crewmember seat, or airplanes having a payload capacity of more than 7,500 lb.
As you can see, that includes service not only to Puerto Rico, but even service to Alaska and Hawai’i requires flag status. This might not seem like a big deal, but for an airline that’s had an ancient reservations system that does the same thing for every single ticket, it is a big deal. It has been a few years since most US airlines retired their Classic 737s, but Southwest continues to soldier on with more than 100. I'm sure some of you were hoping to come and read about Alaska and Virgin America getting together.
The funny thing about statistics is you can really manipulate them to say pretty much whatever you want.
Okay, I know sometimes life happens, so if you somehow end up in the C group, just take the first window or aisle seat possible and next time check in earlier. This one I personally have a hard time with, because I am so attractive (that is sarcasm by the way). I have never had enough guts to try this one and it is risky. The idea is people are less likely to take the window or aisle if they already know the middle seat will be taken. Take your laptop out and start working on it, spread your arms out as much as possible, and put your crap in the middle seat. It will make passengers think the seat is already taken and move on. Being patient, checking in as early as possible, and keeping your cool are probably the best ways to find a good seat on a Southwest flight.
But AirTran will only last so long and when absorbed by Southwest, they will so open seating. If the goal is not to have someone sit next to you the best is no matter what group you are go to the back of the plane, let’s face it the amount of time it will take you to get off the plane and get to bagage claim your still more likely to get there before your bag does. I always place something in the middle seat while i’m sitting in the window seat, so everyone that passes is hesitant to sit next to a seat that has stuff sitting in it. I know some people have a connection to make so they want to get off the plane ASAP and I know the last row or two can be unpleasant due to its location by the bathrooms but I still see a rather strong obsession to sitting in the front of the plane.
I’m trying your strategy right now, seems like everyone on this flight went to the rear looking for that open aisle or window. For some reason, the first row (bulkhead) always fills – someone always wants that center seat.
I was in C, and this guy who was sitting in D just told everyone trying to sit in E or F that his wife and kid was using the restroom, and you guess it, he was traveling alone.
The perfect seat on any given SWA flight is affected by many things, including trip length, sightseeing, layover times.
I fly SWA nearly every week and typically prefer a window seat so I can stare out trying to recognize places that I have been or want to go – weird?

By the way, I sit on the aisle because so many folks don’t know the etiquette of getting up when the plane lands and the seat belt light goes off. Since you fly SW weekly can you make a recommendation where a family of four should try to sit, 2 adults 16 & 14 year old teens. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginNow that I have had a few days to get settled back in from vacation, I thought I would share with you some of the things I learned about flying with an infant!
Completely forgot to tell you about that one, sorry My mom came through with me on our trip back from Boston, it was so helpful.
I usually make sandwiches and bring hard boiled eggs andfruit put frozen bags of water (ziplocks) in my cooler bag and then throw them out as I approach security so everything stays cold to the last second. Super fair, considering that other airlines can charge fees in excess of the actual ticket price. First, all the A1-A30 people arrange themselves in order in front of a sign with their group number.
Go to the Southwest site here as soon as you can in that 24 hour period and generate a boarding pass.
Rather than the usual three seat arrangement, there are only two seats in this particular row. You don’t get a reserved seat, but you can get a lower boarding number without having to fly Business Select or being an A-List member. He's founding editor of Marketing Land and Search Engine Land, the Common Sense Tech columnist for CNET and a chief content officer of Third Door Media, which produces the SMX: Search Marketing Expo conferences. Not yet mobile, still on a mostly liquid diet, and a fairly defined routine of eat and sleep times. Bob was just shy of six months when we visited family in Florida, and we were flying in the height of the H1N1 hysteria. We totally lucked out. Flying Southwest meant we had to figure out their bizarre boarding procedures, but ultimately since it wasn’t a full flight, we did not have to gate check his car seat (didn’t buy him a seat), and we were able to bring him on board and keep him in his seat. Where most airlines will assign you an exact seat, Southwest gives you a boarding number and you can choose any open seat on the plane. Pick a row with someone already sitting in the aisle or window seat (and you take the opposite). Probably not worth it to borrow someone’s kid to increase the chances of an empty seat in your row.
It seems all the attractive people (especially women) will find seats filling up next to them quite quickly. If this backfires, you are going to find yourself in the center seat, when you easily could have had a window or aisle.
However, if wondering what boarding number you will end up with, or you have too much money that you are looking to be rid of, then the EarlyBird option might be for you. It normally benefits you, but if there are others, with status, or those that also pay for EarlyBird, you can still end up in the B-group. Even if you do end up in the middle seat, then just try to smile and know you are still going to get to your destination. David has written, consulted, and presented on multiple topics relating to airlines and travel since 2008. I have had some great conversations with people on Southwest and other airlines, even people I talk to after the flight. The closer you are to the first person on the plane the better the chances of having someone fill your empty row.
If I have a checked bag or a long layover, I try for the back to get an empty seat next to me. Also, on a flight I was recently on, I saw a women sit in the middle seat and put the aisle seat tray table down so it was her personal row.
My observations in the past (I haven’t flown SWest for a couple of years) was that as the plane starts to fill up, people just assume there are no good seats left and grab seats in the front of the plane. If you want the greatest chance of an empty middle seat, try to go towards the middle (nearest the front) because there are two types of people.
How someone could do that just seats is beyond me, but thankfully I don’t have to fly WN often. I’m tired of asking the aisle person if I can get off the plane because they want to wait for the plane to empty first.
Especially after I just spent 30 minutes watching the clock and waiting for the 24 hour mark to check in. As you all know, Emmie and I went to Phoenix for a week for a friend’s wedding and to visit family. I would have never thought about wearing him through security or Bf’ing during take off and landing. I was nervous about the times (both are evening flights) and would throw off our bedtime routine. I spent years flying mostly long-haul international flights from when I lived in Britain to the United States. I find it sad that JetBlue, which I love to fly for many reasons, charges an outrageous $100 change fee.
If you change your flight, you won’t get dinged with a change fee, but you will have to pay any difference between the fare you booked and the new one. If you get a high number and board near the end, you’ll probably end up sandwiched between people on a busy flight. Similarly, if Early Bird people book a 4 weeks ahead — and then Business Select and A-List members book 2 weeks ahead — were Early Bird people given higher A numbers? They’re alert, you can usually figure out what they need when they need it, and they’re still quite easily distracted.

In terms of getting around, baby is easily carted in an infant carrier, pretty content to ride in a stroller, and safe and snug in the infant carrier car seat used with or without the base. He nursed both times before take0ff, and passed out for pretty much both three hour flights. Some enjoy choosing who they sit next to, but others don’t like the added anxiety of not knowing where you will sit until you are on the plane.
If you just happened on this story and are not a frequent flier (welcome, be sure to read our other stories), then this is your lesson to make sure to check in early and avoid the C group. If you only want legroom and don’t care about someone sitting next to you, go for it. If you take a new row you might end up getting a couple (or a child with a parent) sitting next to you. I always feel bad for people flying alone with a kid, but I am also going to try and avoid sitting next to them, if possible. Try to look as least attractive as possible to keep the seat next to you empty for as long as possible. If your potential seat-mate knows the language, your flight is going to get awkward, very quickly. Talking to yourself helps, but people might assume you are just talking on a phone with bluetooth. And if you found this helpful, you might also enjoy some of the other awesome airline stories we have written! He has been quoted and written for a number of news organizations, including BBC, CNN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and others. How about you use the chance to actually interact and maybe meet someone new, have a few nice words and maybe learn something. It’s better to go in with some options rather then not knowing or not having any options. But also since everyone goes for the front of the plane even in first group of C you can get a window or isle seat in the back of the plane sometime to your self. For some reason people seem obsess with sitting in front of airplanes, even at times grabbing a middle front seat and leaving an aisle or window seat open in the back half of the plane.
Those who will go as far (literally) as they can to try to get a premium seat or those who don’t care and will just take the first middle seat they find (in front). Now most of my flying is short hops between Orange County’s John Wayne Airport and San Jose. A Southwest flight attendant told me the airline tested this, but it slowed down boarding.
The easy way to do this is to buy a Business Select ticket, which gets you early boarding (usually A1-12 boarding number) plus a free drink that never expires. Board early, and you can get the window or aisle seat of your choice — toward the front of the plane, too, if you want to get off early. So pretty much, 11E gets to use that space leaving the space directly in front of 11E free for legroom. I wanted to run down some ideas on how to get the best seat possible on a Southwest Airlines flight.
No matter what number you have, there are ways to improve where you sit — unless you are last to board. I suggest you never actually do these, but have seen others use them and end up with some empty seats. Just be careful… if you go too far, you are getting booted off the plane before it leaves the gate. The downside of this is you have to deal with your own stench and you might not even be allowed on the plane. He is passionate about sharing the complexities, the benefits, and the fun stuff of the airline business. Bed time + 8 oz of warm milk + roar of that airplane engine = lights out for my baby every time. Southwest runs a bus-like schedule between the two airports, and I’ve fallen in love with their service plus learned a few tips along the way. Hold your ticket out so the boarding number can be seen and simply ask the others already there what number they are. Neither of my kids seen particularly bothered by their ears during takeoff and landings, but having a drink, snack or pacifier to suck on just in case is always recommended. Just be careful… some might backfire and others might start making you rethink what kind of person you really are. You can also pay ~$40 at the gate for a primo spot, but most folks aren’t willing to spent that kind of money.
In most cases (not being sexist here – just mildly observant), the women is smaller than the man and sitting in the middle seat.
Then I extend a gracious and warm welcome to them to come sit in the best row on the plane.
Regular flyers know the system, line up religiously in correct order, then go aboard to get the best seats. If I know every seat is going to be taken, I choose to select who I am sitting next to rather than have them select me.

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