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Crate train and potty train your puppy early to avoid major mess in the house as they grow older. If you catch them after they have done the their duty, there is no point in showing that you are displeased as the puppy will not make the connection.
Here I want to share with you, some of the Labrador Retriever training tips I follow myself. There’s no limit to what you can do with your Labrador Retriever.  Or, you can simply enjoy your dog as a well-trained family companion. It is normal for your puppy to cry the first few days of crate training but do not give into them. Also be aware that a puppy will need to potty after meals and after they are awake from a good sleep, it will be easier on you if you set them on a schedule. Hope you enjoyed reading my Labrador Retriever training tips, please be sure to comment and give us your feedback. Always use positive reinforcement when training Labs, they are a sensitive breed and any negative energy will throw off their trust in you.
Potty training is easy for this breed as they are very intelligent and knows when you are unhappy.
If the Lab puppy have an accident inside, be sure to catch them in the act and show that you are displeased with a stern tone and immediately take them outside. Best Duck Hunting Dogs, Duck Hunting Dog BreedsDuck hunting is one of the most ancient game trips in the whole world.
It might take a few times for them to completely eliminate the behavior, the key is to catch them in the act!
But in the not too distant past, people house trained their dogs successfully without a crate.
But in my estimation, not such a good way to house train an animal who will likely be spending his entire life with you. Yes, this may be just opinion, but I have house trained all my dogs successfully and they have never been in a crate.
Do some research even to find what kind of dog will fit best in your home and lifestyle; high energy, low energy, loyalty to small children, and so on. Of course if he is a rescue and needs you right away, just be sure you are prepared to make a few sacrifices and to be very understanding.

For those of us who rescue dogs it doesn't feel like a sacrifice, but there are families who are not so prepared to deal with soiled carpets, chewed things, including people, inappropriate barking, and all the other things that can come along with a dog whose needs haven't been met. It is between you and your family to honestly decide if you are willing to embrace a new animal and do what is needed to meet his needs and your own. Make an active effort to have a responsible person around the home for at least a week or two at all times when your puppy first comes to your house.
The more time you can spend with him when he is little ensures that he can be a safe, happy and well adjusted adult dog. If you notice him circling and sniffing the floor you can be relatively certain he is thinking about going for a pee. Sometimes he will totally forget about peeing and you can let him back inside, but watch him closely and repeat going outside when he starts to sniff and circle. If you take him to the same place outside he will quickly learn from the puddles he has already made that this is a good place to pee.
Of course take him outside right after eating if you can; give love and praise for a job well done. Watch the look on his face and the waggle in his tail when you tell him what a good dog he is. He has just lost his mother and his siblings if he had any and now he has to spend the day alone? You could confine him to a puppy safe room and do what you can to paper train him in the same way you would for outside, then move the papers outside as he gets bigger.
But he has needs and as a responsible and loving dog companion, you can make the commitment to give him the love and patience he needs when he is little so that you can be assured that you warrant the abundance of love he gives you.
A lot of dogs end up in shelters with behavior problems because people failed to educate themselves on the needs of these beautiful animals before they got them.
And since it is us humans who are bringing dogs into our homes, it is up to us to teach them responsibly and with respect and love for the wonderful creatures that they are. Now, let's say tomorrow your boss began changing your start time by an hour every day sometimes an hour earlier, sometimes later. In addition, he would change your lunch hour and you'd never know when the changes would happen till the last minute! She is pretty good using her pad, but lately she is starting to pee and poop on two areas of carpet in the house.

I think she hasn't gotten the hang of it to let us know when she has to go potty, like barking or whining to let us know, though sometimes she will lick our hand to tell us, but not all the time.
I'd suggest steam cleaning or shampooing the entire carpet to remove scents that might trigger this behavior. I think one problem might be that it is very cold where we live and currently there is snow on the ground. She does not poop or pee in her crate when I am at work which is really nice and I praise her for that! It's not even until 3 months old that most puppies have the ability physically control those bodily functions. The relief of going to the bathroom and praise from you is a sufficient reward to encourage the behavior you want. That is a problem.Another problem is that he is locked up in a crate at night in a locked room.
However, small dogs like pugs are lap dogs and prefer to sleep in bed with people, and be with people pretty much all the time.
Besides the fact that the dog may already have abandonment or separation issues from being given away by the original owner.You mention a coworker. This will worsen abandonment issues and make the dog's stress and anxiety so much worse. Anxiety and stress will only make the problem worse.Find a way to get him in your room next to your bed at night.
In his previous home the floors were all tile or hardwood, so we figured he had maybe never been on carpeting and thought it was a place to potty. He has also peed a few times inside, and he has also peed small amounts in his crate overnight, as well as in the car.
In fact, every time he goes in the car he pees a little, or I guess I should say, he leaks, even if we have just watched him pee right before getting into the car.
Please it's not so hard, read up on it, take the dog outside on regular times, praise her when she does what she is supposed to do.

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