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Long distance relationships are a small test that proves how much your love and dedication is. Long distance relationships need patience, trust and honesty more than love among two individuals. But when family members live on opposite sides of the country — or in various places 'round the globe — significant attempts must be made to maintain meaningful relationships.According to an AARP report, about half of all grandparents live more than 200 miles away from their grandchildren.
This could be as simple as using a shared to-do list service, or sending each other one piece of paper back and forth with your care packages for the other to update. Create a free bucket list, like at Bucketlistly, for each of you. Aunts and uncles can be spread out even farther.Don’t despair, now’s not the time to start feeling depressed. If you think it's difficult to get a kid to open up in person, it’s pretty ridiculous to think they’ll pour their heart out via Skype.It seems silly to suggest engaging in activities with kids when they are hundreds of miles away, but the suggestion isn’t as silly as you might think. In today’s generation there is very less patience, which results into fights in long distance relationships. When my son’s copy comes in the mail, he Skypes Nama so they can read the articles and do the activities together.A cheaper alternative would be to borrow the same books from the library.

They are not so tough, all you need is a little of everything blended well together to maintain your beautiful relationship. Grandma could read the book while grandchild follows along (it’s like an audio book, only better). Friends of mine in a very long distance relationship agree to color one side of each page a week (so that when you open the book the pages line up together). The following are some advice for long distance relationship which will help you to get through the distance easily without ruining your relationship. Gather Family PhotosIt can be difficult for youngsters to remember the faces of family members who aren’t around very often. Give them some visuals to help match a face to a name.Ask your family members (as many as you can get to participate) to take a self-portrait. Print the picture, glue it to a piece of sturdy paper, write the family member’s name at the bottom, and laminate it. Let your partner feel that the distance has not made any major difference in your relationships.

This is one very good dating tip for long distance relationships that helps to keep the love alive and awesome.
But when there are fights in a long distance relationship, couples tend to start giving up on the relationship.
At least one in the couple should take the efforts to maintain a relationship and not let it break apart. Communicate with your partner regularly through phone calls, messages, emails and voice texts. Communication gap can increase the bridge between a couple, therefore, avoid this gap as much as possible.
Your relationships will be as strong and as significant as you want them to be.Do you have any other suggestions for long-distance bonding?View the discussion thread.

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