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From steaming to boiling, using a blender to baby bullet, we’ve got the answers on why and how to make homemade baby food.
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Have fun reading this blog and don't forget to subscribe to the feed to keep updated on the latest articles. May 10, 2016 by Marina Leave a Comment Summer is right around the corner and if you have older children who’re counting down the minutes and seconds as they tick by, I’m sure the excitement must be thick around your neck of the woods!
But what if you’ve just had a baby or your youngest is a few months old or a wee, little toddler?
If you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle in the West Valley, Utah area, visit the Ken Garff Dodge dealership, our partners for this feature. The voice behind Mommy Snippets is married to her best friend and grateful to be called Mama by their three wonderful blessings. Mommy Snippets is a Texas based, Christian, lifestyle and travel site with great resources for the family. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. When babies come, all you can think about is their safety, well-being, and whether you will be able to afford everything you need. To begin with, you should know that baby food preparation without proper appliances is possible but still very difficult. Steaming, boiling, and baking are all fine, but boiling is by far the most convenient because it allows you to prepare plenty of food at once. You know that food that had not been spiced at all tastes boring, and it’s not just you – babies like some spices as well. It is important to freeze your homemade baby food in the glass that is not meant to stay in the freezer. With all the fuss surrounding your new family member, it is good to know that there are at least a couple of things you can do to keep them happy and healthy. This entry was posted in Information and tagged guest post, homemade baby food, organic, tips, tricks. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new RECIPES and IDEAS by email.
Thanks so much to those of you that linked up your projects last week. So many of you are linking up and sharing your creations, and I love seeing all of your projects.
A baby takes their first step any day after 12 months of watching his mum and dad running around to care for them, and the desire to be up and running like their parents shows in baby’s eye. Blogging is the same process which also takes a lot of time to be up and running at full speed.
While there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, because it is absolutely possible to build blogs that are widely successful and profitable, but the reality is that it takes a lot of time and hard work to achieve it.
I had a chat with a brand new blogger sometime back who had some very big dreams and blogging goals, I reflected back to him that instead of the big dreams he could benefit more by setting some realistic, short term goals.
For new bloggers these blogging goals can be really helpful to take their blog to new level quickly. Now you might think those are great goals and all, but how exactly one would accomplish them? Well, spend some time reading the information here on Basic Blog Tips, this is where you can find answers to all of those questions and more.
When babies achieve the first step, they work towards the next steps to be able to walk or run, maybe with the help of parents, but the babies also work hard and sometimes they even fall down too.
So, now if you’ve hit the target of your first step goals, start to increase them and double the numbers for your next step. For newborns to blogging setting realistic blogging goals can be the key to keep your sanity. In today’s world we are thinking about instant gratification as a way of getting things done. Being able to build a blog as well as following requires you to be honest with yourself like a baby and learn the idea of taking it one step at a time. About Ehsan UllahEhsan Ullah is 18 years old blogger and founder of Guide to Blogging community where he help bloggers build successful blogs. I remember the last time around 1-2 weeks ago someone have pinged me on FB asking what he can do on his blog to at least generate $100 a month. It’s sometime really hard to make a newbie understand that focusing on money at first is really a mistake and you should focus on the growth of your blog, the writing and other things instead of money. I originally started my blog as a way of helping others make money online, not hoping to make money off my own blog.
Yes, I’ve said it a lot of time that not to hesitate to invest on your blog because It needs investment too.

Currently working on my posting schedule and promotion of my blog.My first goal is getting decent traffic . I use my blog as a content sharing platform which in turn generates new visitors and new subscribers. Using blog as a sharing platform is good, but treating as a social networking blog would also be a good idea, won’t it?
Everybody said set your goal and its great of you that you’ve presented the real goals themselves. I just tried to present some of the first step blogging goals and I’m sure there are a lot without the ones I shared here. I think focusing on giving people a reason to come back, with good content and design is a great tip for new bloggers.
Hey, don’t make a mistake Tube Blogger ?? Finding your proper audience and giving them a reason to come back is must. Yes, you are right, we must take small steps towards are blogging goals initially when we start to blog because slow and steady wins the race.
Once you start accomplishing your short term goals it gives your confidence to accomplish your main goal, however if you concentrate only on your main goal then it could become very frustrating for you and one can even lose his interest in blogging. Glad you liked my point Aasma, of course the first step goals is necessary to achieve your final goal. The quicker you build a list the faster you build a repeat reader base which leads to loyal fans and people who buy from you over and over. I agree with you Joshua, building an email list is essential for your blog and that is what suggested by all pro bloggers because the only subscribers are those who will come back to you.
We also share our tips for the best ways to store that food and a few of our must-have items for feeding baby. Should you perhaps choose to do indoor summer activities and skip the travel and short trips this summer? You will just need to make a few tweaks to your plans and you will have several awesome trips and outings by the end of summer. Don’t pack too much activity into your schedule especially if you have an older baby.
Carry a few favorite stroller toys or on-the-go entertainers for your child in the stroller, or clipped to your comfortable baby carrier. Don’t forget to carry 2 (yes 2!) extra sets of clothes for baby, an extra set of shoes and a change of clothes for you too. Buying the right vehicle to suit your family’s travel needs will make those summer road trips so much easier on everyone. We will receive a few pennies from the same and yes, it all adds up to help run Mommy Snippets. It is not easy to get all the equipment, clothes, toys, and diapers, but when you add the price of baby food to the pile, you get really amazed and hope you will not go bankrupt. You can cook vegetables and use nothing but a fork to mash them, but it is a long and exhausting process.
You can start by adding a few grains of salt to your carrot and potato puree, or a bit of curry to carrot and lentil puree. Natural food, organic and not processed which you prepare in your own kitchen is definitely healthier than everything that can be found on the shelves of supermarkets. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. I am Deepika, and this is my journey to feeding my baby Fresh, Nutritious and Flavorful organic homemade baby food. Many bloggers start blogs these days with grandiose dreams of making lots of money and getting thousands of readers. So new bloggers can also do well if they spend more time thinking about the first steps and setting proper blogging goals that will bring them closer and closer to the bigger dreams they have. These short term achievements will boost your confidence and give you the encouragement you need to keep growing. We sometimes forget that it’s a journey to get anywhere in life and too often we think that the end result is what which matters the most.
Most of new bloggers think first about the Money, but they dont know that first we need great content high qualy content. Dreaming big is good, but making short term first step goals to achieve that goal is essential. I started building my email list before I started my blog so my income mainly comes from my email marketing sales funnel with my blog on the back end. Even then (like you said), it’s important to set actionable goals to reach your bigger ones.
If we try to proceed on a faster pace, we might end up either making a mistake or going a bit too far, which is also not good for the blog. You should have your long term goal but you need to have short term goals as well that helps you to accomplish your main goal. The only thing I would add is for those getting started with blogging is to turn their blog into a list building machine.

I think a lot of people struggle mainly with maintaining a steady flow of good content on a reguar basis. That’s extremely important, to bring uniqueness to each post, otherwise noboy is going to be interested long term. We often make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals, so when we didn’t reach them we become unmotivated.
If you’re still nursing her, ensure you stop for frequent nursing breaks and yes, hydrate yourself through the day. A dry and clean baby, is always a content baby. (Oh and always carry your own portable diaper changing pad to place over the public changing station.
Her husband (and best friend) is her biggest support as she shares snippets from the awesome life God has blessed them with on Mommy Snippets. Even though you can prepare your own baby food at home, people avoid doing so because they are not sure they would do everything right.
If something like new NutriBullet is a bit too much, an ordinary blender and juicer will be just fine.
Since all your food is going to be mashed into a puree, you can combine boiled and baked vegetables quite easily, as long as puree is soft it is going to be just fine. As long as you introduce spices slowly and little by little, your baby will like the change for the better.
You can also use Tupperware or ice cube trays with lids, but if you don’t have any to spare simply cover the trays with plastic wrap. Here you can find recipes and ideas on preparing your own baby food in the comfort of your kitchen. It might be a small accomplishment that will keep you going everyday, and then it starts to get easier to keep the momentum moving forward for your blog.
In fact It’s a process of getting there which matters the most and which is meaningful. I generally schedule a bunch of posts at once so I don’t have to worry about eash time.
You could print the images and bundle them to a little book that you could hold in your pocket just to be sure. Also, adding water in the puree is recommendable, because natural juices of different fruits, vegetables, and meat may be too strong for the baby. What is more, it will probably grow up liking things other kids don’t grow to like until they reach their teens.
Once frozen, keep the cubes in plastic bags; this way you will be able to use as many as you need and leave the rest in the freezer. Plus I know that the readers of the blog should be the main source of promoting it, but how do I get the first readers? Keep post good articles and wait for your turn when your blog will make huge money as Cash Machine. Whether you are newbie or experienced blogger, there is always the need to set goals and work toward achieving them.
If you want, you can add formula or your breast milk instead of water, which is going to make the mixture even healthier. When serving food, make sure it is not too hot (bodily temperature, not higher than that), and never add sugar since babies don’t need to be processed sugar just yet. I always look forward to the special time of day in the warmer months when the kids finally fall asleep, my husband and I finish up our work, and then we sit on the porch to talk and relax together. There you can find all the appliances and pieces you need in your kitchen for baby food preparation. That cooler evening air is always so refreshing and it's such a great way to end a busy day.
These past couple of weeks, I was able to give our porch a little makeover so that I was even more cozy and relaxing for everyone in our family - kids and puppies included!
I made our porch our own using a comfy country farmhouse theme with a little bit of my own colourful, boho inspired pops. Let me give you a tour of our boho country farmhouse porch decor and some DIY ideas for your own porch decor this Spring! Every week, I'll share a new DIY or decor video that will give you a quick tip on how to make something or decorate your home. Each video will be less than a minute long, and I hope they'll be useful and give you tons of new ideas! Today we're showing you one simple trick that will make your faux flower arrangements look instantly more realistic.

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