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For more than a year our 3-and-a-half-year old daughter has been cruising around in the daytime, confidently sporting underwear. The first step to follow while potty training girls is to check how prepared your daughter is for the whole procedure. So when it's time for your little girl to start the process of potty training , you know that you could be in for a ride rough. Somewhere between 12 and 24 months, your daughter is prepared to ditch the diapers and put on her large girl panties.
Parents that are potty training children for the first time may not be aware of the fact that the nighttime can present its own set of unique challenges. Many potty training night tips involve instructing parents how to cope with this situation emotionally. A lot of children will be reluctant to report any accidents to their parents, since it’s a humiliating experience for anyone.
Getting rid of the diapers is something all parents dream of and since boys tend to stay in diapers longer than girls, there is no wonder that many parents are looking for potty training tips for boys. As a first tip for your boy’s potty training, you have to encourage the kid to give up the need for nocturnal drinks.
It is true that moms are usually responsible for the larger part of potty training but as part of the training tips to use the potty for boys, dads should consider serving as an example. When the weather is warm letting the child run naked around the house or yard is a good tip for potty training for boys.
January 12, 2016 by Becky Mansfield Pin350 Share5K Tweet EmailWhen your child is dry in the day but having accidents at night, these overnight potty training tips will help. You may have put so much effort into potty training your child during the day, only to find that the nighttime bed wetting never went away. Around 7 years old, if the parents or doctors are concerned, they could prescribe a medication that increases ADH production at night, to stop bedwetting (you could give it only for sleepovers or on nights where you need them to be dry).
5% of children are still not night-time trained by age 10, so know that you aren’t the only one. Use Goodnights or night-training pants (they look more like regular underwear and your child can slip them on by themselves.)  Our child tried this and complained that they were uncomfortable, but they would work for a sleepover. Get a full waterproof pad to protect their bed, and then let them try to go a week without diapers (if they are asking or insisting).
Read about how to specifically potty train them in a weekend (there is a full chapter on night-training).
There are three main things that we stress about, that will all (usually) get better with time: potty training, sleeping and eating.
One of the most challenging steps along the way is when your kiddo is dry during the day, but not at night.

Genetics is one reason: Children with older-trained relatives have a higher chance of training later, and boys tend to train later than girls. It requires the physical maturation of the bladder, along with the development of associated nerve pathways to and from the brain, as well as the trigger to waken the child to get him up to pee. There’s very little you can do to speed up nighttime training – but your frustration with your child may very well slow down the process.
When he starts to awaken dry from his nap, or when he’s dry some mornings, ask if he’d like to try undies at night. But when night falls, like a super-hero in reverse, she downgrades her powers, takes her Dora the Explorer cotton bloomers off and yanks her scratchy pull up on.
She wants more out of life, and joining the slumbering bladder-full as they make their way down the hall in the semi-dark is a start.
And it's coming from a selfish place of sleep, the kind in which we rest soundly for six to eight interrupted hours. Sometimes it's a rough day at the kid office, and a newly potty training kid doesn't want to deal with getting up in the middle the night. If your child is constipated it can create pressure against the bladder and increase visits to the loo, so we'll be more vigilant than usual to make sure our daughter is getting a good balance of vegetables and beans. Offer more liquids in the afternoon if you're concerned your child won't get enough to drink.
Until your kid is comfortable leaving her room and padding down the hall to use bathroom, this'll help her get into the habit of getting up and hovering over a toilet while half asleep. Consider using a waterproof mattress pad that goes over the sheets and tucks under the mattress. Book Daytime potty training taught us that even though declarations of urine independence are made by a kid, that doesn't mean he or she is truly ready.
For one thing, there are plenty of children that can successful adapt to using the toilet during the day.
Plenty of parents understandably want to move away from dealing with their children’s bodily fluids, and intermediate stages like this one can be uniquely frustrating.
Children don’t have the emotional maturity to handle situations like that effectively, which can only make nighttime accidents more difficult.
Parents should try to monitor their children’s fluid intake as they get closer and closer to their bedtimes.
Drinking things that actively encourage urination, such as soda, should be strongly discouraged. Also many parents prefer to put a glass of water near the little one so he won’t wake them in the middle of the night saying he is thirsty. Avoid getting him water or other fluids before he goes to bed and he will pee less and less inside the night diaper. With so many colorful and variously shaped options out there, you should allow the little one to choose his own.

If you encourage him to sit on the potty so the pee will come because he is relaxed it will be easier for him to try and achieve the right aim as soon as he feels the need to go.
Showing the little one how to aim will help the transition from potty to the bathroom toilet. Make sure the potty is near the place where he plays and encourage him to use it as often as possible. And no matter how much they brag to each other in Kindergarten about being done with diapers, at least 30% of the class is still wet at night. It's just one more way she can distinguish herself from her (not-so) distant past as a baby, or from her perspective: a slobbering, co-dependent googly-eye creature.
The kind we were just getting used to again as our child's immune system matured and she no longer needed our assistance at night with one cold or another.
However, these very same children may still go through a phase where they wet the bed at night. However, parents need to do what they can to keep their cool in situations like these, or they will only be encouraging the underlying problem. Ultimately he will not wet the bedding during nighttime when he is too sleepy to wake up and call for the potty. Most likely he will become fond of the potty and you will have no trouble convincing him to try it.
If there isn’t a daddy in the picture, a male relative or a friend can give a hand with this process.
If a child does not have enough of this hormone then they make the same amount of urine at night as they do during the day which can increase risk of bed wetting.
You can find more potty training tips here or you can stop by our Facebook page to see what other parents are saying about this topic and more. There is always a handful of first graders in every class who can’t yet sleep in undies, either. When their children wet the bed at night, they’ll have to change and wash the sheets and anything else that was contaminated in the process, which is a much bigger chore. Come up as a reward as part of the potty training tips for boys and you will motivate him to keep on trying to get it right.
In the meantime, parents should simply try to make the process as easy as possible for them.

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