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It is really important that you keep your parents happy because if you will not do that you will be in trouble. No doubt there are some parents who feel insecure for their kids but for that you are the only responsible for that. The urge  back at your parents while they are trying to explaining you can be almost unbearable, but don’t do it. To work the solutions into your family you'll want to take advantage of these activities and assignments. Description: Use this color sheet to help your young children memorize the definition of obedience. Description: Take your children ages 3-12 on an adventure by using this Bible Story, craft, and activities to teach them the value of following instructions. Description:Use this game to illustrate the how many of our convictions actually come from the Bible. Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner… And with that comes a lot of changes in the weather!
So it’s the perfect time for us to chat about preparing your favorite four-legged, furry friend for the severe, spring & summer weather that lies ahead of us.
Thunderstorms, lightening, rain, and loud noises can get even the most calm human shaking in his boots….

Here are few things to help create a calm & safe environment for you and your dog during the upcoming storm season. Rub an unscented dryer sheet on you & your dog every morning during thunderstorm season to help reduce static electricity. Make sure your dog is on a healthy diet; a good, nutritious diet can help lower anxiety levels. Try remedies such as Thunder Jackets, an old t-shirt of yours (kind of like swaddling a baby!), or anxiety reducing liquid drops.
This all depends upon you how you behave with them if your behavior is good they will not irritate you for anything. Now, imagine being a dog, and all those things have the ability to scare you, but also the change in barometric pressure, weird & new smells that storms blow in, and don’t forget electrostatic disturbances!
Not all fears are phobias, but fears can easily become a phobia if not treated or cared for in a timely manner.
Let us know in the comments below if you have any other ideas or tips to share with other loving pet parents.
Your dog will soon start to associate it’s favorite pawTreat with a storm and this can create a positive memory! Our pets are our children, so it is very natural for us to want to give them love, attention, and to hold them when they are feeling fearful or scared.

Vigorous exercise before a storm hits will help the dog get tired both mentally & physically, which can act as a sedative. Just like humans, when a storm rolls in we can feel in our joints and bones, which can cause pain. That depends upon you what your parents like how you impress your parents that is all in your hands.
Everybody’s parents get angry on their children because they do the best for their children because they love you. However, in the world of doggies, attention is a sign that they are doing something *right!* When they go potty outside, when they stop jumping on our guests, when they don’t bark at the neighbors, we shower them with excitement, attention, and excessive petting.
Try a joint supplement with glucosamine (like pawTree’s Joint Support Plus) to reduce pain when the barometric pressure drops. So, it’s very normal for a dog to think he is doing something right when you do this – no matter our intentions. So, if you cuddle your dog during a storm and talk to him in a sweet voice, “poor baby, it’s okay, momma’s here!” it tells your dog that it is okay to be afraid and that he should be scared.

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