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Fern Weis is a certified coach (as well as parent and teacher) who supports parents of teens and young adults.
April 20, 2015 By Guest 1 Comment Becky and I would like you to meet Wyatt Fisher, husband and dad of four.
There are many worries and concerns that accompany parenting, including your child’s grades, their peer influences, their online activity, etc.
Unfortunately, many teens receive little to no guidance from their parents on the ideal person to pursue romantically and the red flags they should avoid. As a continuation of the first point, encourage your son or daughter to pursue someone who puts their faith into action. Fourth, encourage your son or daughter to look at the other types of relationships the person has in their life. So, if you want to bless your teens in all areas of life, including their choices on who they date and eventually marry, start talking with them about the above points today so they can develop wisdom and discernment on who to pursue. Thanks for the common sense and clear approach to assist moms and dads in guiding their young person and empowering the child to be discerning.

This partnership helps parents "write the manual" for raising confident, self-sufficient, happy adults. However, one of the major concerns as teens morph into young adulthood is “Who will my child date?
Therefore, becoming informed on this topic and intentionally sharing it with your teens can gird them up with wisdom that could save them a lifetime of heartache. God tells us to become equally yoked for a variety of reasons, including it will foster our faith, allow us to raise children in a godly home, and make our relationship a testimony to others. For example, do they strive towards honoring God with the music they listen to, movies they watch, and websites they visit? However, the greater the dysfunction, the more unhealthy the person usually is without counseling or divine healing. Also, the more couples have in common usually the more successful their relationship becomes, especially on big issues like faith and worldview.
Therefore, encourage your son or daughter to pursue someone who has a warm, loving relationship with at least one of their parents and ideally both.

So we have the dating guru giving us advice on how to advise our teens when it comes to dating! Usually, the more personal their relationship is with Jesus, the more they will aim towards honoring Him with their choices.
Do they tend to stick with their friendships long-term or do they seem to change them often?Usually, the longer the relationships the person has had the better because it reflects they are able to connect well with others and remain loyal. We are a team of moms and dads who are trained in the areas of family, faith, and education. We are made up of parents, single parents, adoptive parents, step-parents, home-school parents, public school parents, stay at home parents, working parents, parents of toddlers, parents of teens, parents of in-betweens,  parents of young adults, and even grandparents.
We have expert voices weighing in on education, marriage, nutrition, discipline, and faith.

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