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1) If your kids are young, take this golden chance to be a kid again and go trick-or-treating with them. Whether you’re taking the kids around the neighborhood to meet the neighbors and trick-or-treat or going to a local party, the following reminders will help parents keep the holiday safe and fun for everyone.
You can create great memories together while making sure your children make the trip safely. Tell them that they should never talk to, get in a car with, or go into any building with someone they do not know no matter what that person says to them.

Make sure they know how important it is for them to be home on time, and that they should call immediately if something happens and they are going to be late. Let your kids know that if a stranger tries to get them to do any of these things, they should scream as loud as they can to get attention and run away as fast as they can to someplace safe.
Throwing eggs at a house might seem funny to the person throwing the egg, but it can ruin the holiday for the homeowner who’s stuck with the cleanup and damages.
Let your kids know that if they get caught vandalizing, they will be responsible for cleaning up and paying for the damages.

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