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Too much sugar interferes with learning by reducing the ability to concentrate and reducing short-term memory. Additives like artificial flavoring, coloring, and preservatives are suspected of interfering with the ability to concentrate and pay attention. Image credit: Todd Marsee, Michigan Sea GrantANN ARBOR—With summer just around the corner, millions of swimmers will enjoy Michigan's Great Lakes beaches and cool water, but waves and currents can be deadly. Since 2002, dangerous currents and waves along Lake Michigan have claimed the lives of 57 swimmers in Michigan alone, according to the National Weather Service. To address this threat to swimmers, a University of Michigan-led team of communications and outreach experts has developed a suite of water safety messages and products. The "Be Current Smart" campaign includes animations targeted to youth and video news release footage with interviews from the U.S. The U-M-based team members are from Michigan Sea Grant, Michigan Creative and the Graham Sustainability Institute.
LaPorte and others have led efforts to deploy water safety and emergency rescue equipment—including U.S. Many beaches use a beach flag warning system to inform visitors of the level of swim risk present.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Office of the Great Lakes Coastal Zone Management Program, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service and NOAA's Coastal Storms Program, as well as the Sea Grant programs throughout the region, have supported this effort. For more information about the "Be Current Smart" campaign, contact LaPorte at 734-763-0061 or This email address is being protected from spambots. With honest, informative, well researched Product Reviews you can now buy your new baby products online with absolute confidence. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, poultry or fish, and low fat milk, cheese, or yogurt.
Instead of buying sweets, help your teenagers to learn to make their own with less sugar and fat. They collaborated with colleagues at Michigan State University, Michigan Technological University, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the National Weather Service.
Coast Guard-approved ring buoys and life jackets—at public beaches in Michigan and throughout the region. Look for the flag warning system when you arrive at the beach, and watch for changes because conditions can change quickly on the Great Lakes.
If caught in a rip current, the best means of escape is to swim to the side, out of the current and then back to shore.

Other products produced at U-M include beach sign templates, publications, curriculums, and diagrams and descriptions of the types of dangerous currents.
First responders say it's critical to quickly help someone in trouble by tossing a ring buoy or anything that floats. An important message for parents: Keep a close eye on children while in or near the water and have them wear life jackets. Two of the new signs focus on structural currents—encouraging swimmers to avoid piers and breakwalls—and the Flag Warning System.
Also, experts advise swimmers to "steer clear of piers" and avoid getting trapped in danger zones near piers.
Piers are one of the most dangerous areas, with many fatalities occurring near these structures.
From travel systems to room thermometers, if you want to get a feel for an item before you buy it, check out out products pages.Baby Advice Everything a new parent needs to know, from how to top and tail to sleeping advice and developmental milestones.

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