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Find a toy that your dog really enjoys, I personally prefer playing this game with squeaky toys and grab a human partner or two if you have them available.  You can even use the toy that you named in last week’s game. Grab the toy, squeak it and show your dog, hopefully he will get excited, now hide it behind you, or sit on it or stash it behind a pillow and encourage your dog to find it.
Tell him “Find It” if you are using the toy with a name use it “Find your ball!” and praise him as he gets closer and closer to it.
Allow him to grab it and play with it for a minute or two, then have him release it and toss it to your helper while you hold his collar and they hide the toy. Continue tossing the toy back and forth among family members and having them hide it.  As the game progresses you can make it more and more difficult to find. It is great fun for you both, and is even more fun and funny if you get up and incorporate other rooms of the house. You don’t even have to exert much effort for this one, so grab a toy and play a little game of Toy Hide and Seek!

About ColbyColby Morita has raised guide and service dog puppies for Guide Dogs of America and Canine Support Teams. Just remember how much work it is to raise a puppy and you might decide otherwise, but yes the cute pics don’t help.
Dog Chow is excited to introduce the Puppyhood program – your one stop shop to help raise your puppy right from the first bite.  With a wide range of educational content as well as interactive tools, Puppyhood is the go-to destination to help guide you and your pup through puppyhood.
Whether you’re looking for information about teething or potty training, finding the perfect vet or teaching your pup some basic commands, Puppyhood provides tips and tricks in the form of articles and videos.  With special sections dedicated to “Nutrition”, “Grooming”, “Exercise”, “Health”, “Behavior”, “Training”, and “Puppy Planning”, the Puppyhood has tips and tricks for everything your puppy goes through in the first few years.
Joining the Puppyhood not only grants access to some great special offers, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of our exclusive online tools that will help your puppy grow up happy and healthy.  You’ll be able to sign up for video hangouts with our panel of experts, use our “Near You” tool to find puppy destinations around your location, and track every stage of your puppy’s development using our Milestone Tracker.
Part of the Puppyhood program is a great feature called The Dog Walk.  The Dog Walk helps people learn more about puppies through a 360°, interactive puppy world that offers up articles and videos about puppy topics along the way.  It makes learning about your new puppy fun and engaging as your explore! Join the Puppyhood today and get customized learning, helpful tools, and exclusive benefits and coupons on your puppy’s journey to doghood.

Receive useful adoption info and helpful tips and tricks for training your new adopted pet.
I think she’s having a really good dream but is doing a great job guarding that bone! The worst part of dog blogging is WANTING ANOTHER PUPPY EVERYTIME I VISIT SOMEONE’S BLOG!!!

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